Married At First Sight

New photos are fuelling THOSE Married At First Sight Jake and Booka partner swap rumours

Looks very familiar to Cam and Coco...

By Maddison Hockey
Following the demise of Married At First Sight's golden couple, Booka Nile and Brett Helling, rumours of a possible partner swap between the bride and fellow star Jake Edwards are growing.
Given last week's shock fall out between the couple those rumours are seeming all the more plausible.
Now, newly uncovered photos hint Jake and Booka could get close while away on the couples' retreat this week.
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In photographs uncovered by The Wash, Jake can be seen visiting Booka's room before the couple are pulled away by producers to film a one-on-one chat.
While it seems innocent enough and the duo have denied romance rumours simply pointing out they were friends before the show, the scene does seem reminiscent of that of Cam and Coco.
Fans may recall Coco and Cam met up separately to chat about the groom's outside connection to Sam, the Pilates instructor's husband on the show.
What was initially a friendly chat looking for advice and insight quickly became this year's big cheating scandal.
Booka and Jake knew one another before the show. (Instagram)
Could Booka and Jake be led down the same path? Only time will tell.
Footage recently surfaced kickstarting chatter about a potential partner swap last week when footage emerged of Booka and Jake sharing a kiss at a New Year's Eve party.
While the kiss is said to be innocent fun, it didn't impress Jake's MAFS' wife, Beck, when she saw video footage of the interaction.
Booka and Brett's relationship fell apart last week. (Channel Nine)
"At midnight Jake and Booka shared a sloppy, drunken kiss," So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto revealed.
"Jake also kissed Beth that night, and then Booka and Beth kissed… It was a friendly kiss but apparently they locked lips for a few seconds more than everyone did," a source told Pustetto.
Speaking with Nova's Fitzy & Wippa Beck was asked about the incident but remained coy.
"No this was after the experiment had finished and Jake and I may or may not have been together," she responded.