Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Seb posts heartwarming tribute to long-distance girlfriend Lizzie from isolation

''I miss her!''

By Alex Lilly
As the only couple from Married At First Sight 2020 that are still going strong, Lizzie Sobinoff and Seb Guilhaus delight in sharing loved-up couple shots on their Instagram accounts.
But things hit a roadblock for the couple when the coronavirus put their plans to move in together in Sydney on hold and now the MAFS stars are doing their relationship long-distance.
Now, personal trainer Seb has spoken out about how he's struggled with self-love especially amidst the pandemic and thanked his girlfriend for helping him through.
MAFS season seven's last-standing couple are still going strong. (Image: Nine Network)
"Last Sunday I came to a pretty ground-breaking realisation. I realised I have a tendency to bottle up sensitive thoughts and concerns," Seb wrote, adding that he's "very expressive in some ways but very hesitant in others."
He continued, "Like is stereotypically the case with a lot of men, I'll continue hanging onto certain thoughts until I bring myself to boil and overflow with my new reactive and volatile state.
"My conscious self and ego would always tell me that I was doing this because I was trying to maintain peace and the household homeostasis..... however as I now realise this is not at all the case."
Seb has been struggling with self-love and says Lizzie has been helping him overcome his obstacles. (Image: Instagram @seb.guilhaus)
Seb went on to say that now prized "self-love" above everything else in life.
He explained: "I've realised that I withhold certain thoughts and feelings because at my core I haven't developed the self-love needed to feel worthy of them ..... not worthy enough to feel full justified in much other than saying 'yes' and being a 'pleaser.'"
The MAFS groom also acknowledged that whilst he loves "being open and willing to please" he realised why he was "super expressive when the content was lighter and restricted when it wasn't."
"Liz has been amazing with all this so understanding and supportive .... and I miss her!!!" (Image: Nine Network)
"The impact of this sensitivity at my core is that I walk around like a busted up piggy bank, depositing two cent coins with every new concern letting them clash against my sides as I walk, an ever-growing weight within me....... but the actual reality being I'm not being brave enough to express myself in the moment because I feel the result might be that if I'm not all sugar and roses I'll be abandoned."
Seb explained that he realised that he was acting that way because he didn't feel worthy of love and Liz had been helping him overcome this.
"Self-love is a journey but I believe it's the absolute base to successful relationships and life in general....whoa heavy!!!! And Liz has been amazing with all this so understanding and supportive .... and I miss her!!!"
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Whilst Seb is in his hometown of Adelaide, Lizzie is in lockdown in Newcastle and despite not seeing each other face-to-face for weeks, they're always in communication.
"We are constantly on the phone, he doesn't get a break from me," Lizzie told The Daily Telegraph.
"We talk every hour. It is a full on thing. We talk about everything and anything. The first thing I wake up there's a message from him and when I go to bed we message."
The brunette beauty, who was unsuccessfully matched with Sam Ball on the previous season added that's she's very much in love and they're taking it slow.
"We need to be in constant contact because I am kind of impatient and he hasn't been in a relationship for eight years so we need to be in constant contact for us to work."