Married At First Sight

MAFS star Anthony Cincotta debuts his new girlfriend following ill-fated romance with Selin Mengu

The reality TV star looks happy and in love.

By Tina Burke
He suffered a mismatch of epic proportions on Married At First Sight, but Anthony Cincotta has managed to find love on the outside - without the help of the experts.
After being paired with Selin Mengu on the latest season of MAFS, Anthony left the experiment in week three despite giving "everything" he could to the relationship.
The pair didn't make sense, with Selin clashing with Anthony at almost every turn. While it wasn't the best experience, the 39-year-old contestant still had kind words at the end of the show.
Anthony captioned the post with his girlfriend Kate: "Scrubbing up alright." (Image: Instagram)
"We'll always have that beautiful wedding and nothing can change that. Thank you for being part of my journey, Selin," he penned on Instagram after the final Reunion episode.
But now that the show has finished airing, Anthony has taken his new romance public.
Sharing two photos of a date night at Melbourne's Crown Casino, Anthony captioned the post with his girlfriend Kate: "Scrubbing up alright."
The pair are said to have begun dating shortly after his stint on MAFS.
"He was in a bit of a bad way and they found each other after filming the show," a source told The Daily Mail.
Anthony was paired with Selin on MAFS. (Image: Nine)
"Kate and his nine-year-old daughter Gabriella are besties and he's been moved into the third wheel position."
While this is the first photo fans have seen of the romantic couple, we're sure Anthony will be showing off his new love more frequently when he regains control of his Instagram account.
At the moment, the Nine Network are still in control of the accounts - for a very good reason.
As most fans would know, the Instagram posts shared during the show were controlled by Nine Network representatives.
The network has been taking control of the contestant's accounts in recent years, in an attempt to prevent them from being bullied by fans and to prevent the contestants themselves from "spoiling" the show while it's airing.
Even though the show has finished airing in Australia, it's still going in the US and the UK. The contestants have not received control of their accounts back yet, as such, but they are allowed to submit posts to Nine.
That's why stars like Anthony have been able to share photos, with the likes of Ella Ding posting about her birthday celebrations and Holly Greenstein sharing her own new romance.
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