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Married At First Sight's Amanda confesses she worked as an actor after her online profile was unearthed

''Actors are also entitled to give the experiment a shot!''

By Alex Lilly
Remember when Tash's bridesmaids called Married At First Sight's Amanda as very "rehearsed" at the wedding?
Turns out they had good reason to suspect so, as an old Star Now profile of Amanda's has been unearthed that describes her as an actor, extra, model, TV presenter and radio presenter. And the MAFS bride herself has broken her silence on it too.
We recognise that face! (Image: Instagram)
Shared to fan account MAFS funny, screenshots of 34-year-old Amanda's profile show a headshot plus her acting skills.
"I'm going to be honest, I have no formal acting training, I was never taught to method act, but I have been able to transform into characters my whole life naturally. The kids on the street call this raw talent," the reality TV bride wrote in her description, followed by a smiley face.
Amanda added that she can do a range of American accents and that she was an extra in The Knowing.
"I have entertained my family for years, with my improvised comedic ability, and have been able to upstage anyone with sheer wit and talent," she adds. `
Amanda's description of her skills was also shared. (Image: Instagram)
But hidden away in the comments, Amanda didn't deny her past and added that the exposure was "cringe worthy."
"Bit cringe worthy to read an old extra's profile," she wrote alongside an eye-rolling emoji. "And whilst I haven't had extras work since my mid-twenties, actors are also entitled to give the experiment a shot!"
She also added a personal message to the creator of the MAFS funny profile writing, "Lol Josh I hate you. So embarrassing."
Amanda owned up to working as an extra in her mid-twenties. (Image: Nine Network)
Amanda also pointed fun at her acting past on her own Instagram profile with a screenshot from the most recent commitment ceremony.
"'News has it apparently I'm an aspiring actress, if that's the case my acting skills are terrible' #alwayshonest #MAFS," she captioned the snap.
Groom Luke, who left the week before after his bride Poppy chose to leave the experiment commented in response saying, "To my beautiful friend, I just want to say that what you both did was an inspiration to so many people. Your courage and sincerity has given so many others the confidence to show love instead of being afraid . You both should be very very proud 🌈 always stay on the higher level."
2019 bride Lauren Huntriss also commented saying, "Hahaha yea great acting Amanda!!!" followed by a series of laughing emojis.
"News has it apparently I'm an aspiring actress, if that's the case my acting skills are terrible." (Image: Nine Network)
Amanda and Tash were the second couple to leave the experiment at the second commitment ceremony, and whilst they said they didn't want a bitter break up, things took a turn for the worse.
When Tash stepped out with her new girlfriend, Amanda took to Instagram to slam her bride as a "disgusting person on many levels."
"What a pack of fake plastic try hard moles!!! No f---- given," Amanda commented on the Instagram video.
She then replied to another Instagram comment saying: "She's a disgusting person on many levels... every dog has their day. Waste of good air time."
WATCH BELOW: Tash breaks Amanda's heart on their honeymoon. Post continues after video...
What's more in a video for Now To Love, Amanda hinted that things with Tash were not all fine and dandy after their breakup.
When asked what talent she wishes she had, without missing a beat Amanda says: "The ability to read a woman's mind." Watch the video in the player at the top to see for yourself.

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