Married At First Sight

Everything we know about Married At First Sight’s “hot teacher” Alana Lister

''Fun, friendly, fabulous.''

By Maddison Hockey
Fun, friendly, fabulous are the three words Married At First Sight season eight bride Alana Lister chose to describe herself. They couldn't be more accurate.
The self-dubbed "hot teacher" burst onto our screens and instantly captured her groom, Jason's heart.
"I am a hot teacher," she said, after being asked by a producer to describe herself.
"Being a teacher at my age and looking the way I do can be a bit challenging.
"I feel like I'm the type of look where guys just really want to have a one-night stand or just, like, a hook-up," she added.
"I don't know if people are like, 'Hey, I want to settle down and spend the rest of my life with that girl.'"
Alana wowed her groom, Jason. (Channel Nine)
Speaking to this concern, Alana and Jason quickly ignited the intimate side of their relationship but have struggled when it comes to the emotional aspect.
"Well, last night, we, like, we had the next level of... Well, we had... Last night, we were, like, together," Alana said as she giggled to the camera after her first night on the honeymoon.
Alana originally went by a different name. (Instagram)
Since beginning her MAFS journey fans may have been surprised to discover the 30-year-old teacher allegedly wasn't born as Alana Lister.
According to the Daily Mail the reality star's birth name was Sinead Chong.
A source told the publication she changed her name to Alana Lister after graduating school in 2009, as well as making over her appearance.
The change was reportedly inspired by a street artist. (Channel Nine)
The name change was reportedly inspired by a favourite artist of Alana's, Brisbane based Anthony Lister.
Looking back at our high school experience a post-education makeover doesn't seem that radical at all.