Married At First Sight

From sizzling chemistry to fiery fights: Are Married At First Sight’s Jason and Alana still together?

''I think we're going pretty good.''

By Alex Lilly
Season eight of Married At First Sight has certainly been a sexually-charged one, and one couple is proving that they're good at getting down and dirty. But are Alana Lister and Jason Engler still together?
The couple have proved time and time again they have sizzling chemistry, but have had downfalls in other areas of their relationship.
Is it enough to break them? The signs are promising the couple stick it out.
Despite initial trepidation the couple hit things off. (Channel Nine)
Not only have the couple been spotted looking all loved-up at the White Rhino bar in the Gold Coast but in a chat with 9Entertainment, Jason revealed that sex isn't the only thing he and Alana have connected on.
"There is a lot more to Alana and I's relationship than that, but obviously that's a very strong point of ours," he confessed.
What's more, in a chat with the Hit Network's Bec, Cosi & Lehmo in February, Alana was asked how she and Jason were going and though she made sure not to give any spoilers, the MAFS bride basically confirmed that they were still an item.
"I think we're going pretty good," she told the radio trio.
Things seems to be going well for the couple. (Channel Nine)
It's looking likely that Alana and Jason are still going strong, but there are some hints that the couple have called it quits since their time on the show.
At the Couples Retreat, Alana and Jason had their worst fight yet when the bride called out her TV husband for defending problematic groom Bryce Ruthven and their argument culminated in Jason declaring "You will never see me again after this."
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Time will tell if the couple are still laughing together. (Channel Nine)
Woman's Day revealed that Jason had been out with not one, but two mystery women in Sydney and at one point, the MAFS groom even took off his shirt!
Neither Jason nor Alana follow each other on Instagram and though Alana isn't following any of her fellow MAFS contestants, Jason is still doing so to Coco Stedman, Bryce Ruthven, Jake Edwards and Brett Helling.
Only time will tell...
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