Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight stars spill their dating secrets, from cheating to wife swaps!

Which groom reckons kids are a total deal-breaker?

By Woman's Day team
Married At First Sight season nine has arrived, but before we see these brides and grooms say "I do", we did some digging.
From shocking deal-breakers, to who is already considering swapping partners, here are some of the MAFS stars' biggest dating secrets.

Samantha: ‘I’ll forgive cheating!’

Samantha, 26, says she'd forgive her partner if they cheated on her. (Image: Nine)
The 26-year-old fashion brand manager from Queensland says she's been burned in the love department before.
"I thought I would marry my ex but it didn't end how I thought it was going to," she reveals of her four-year relationship.
Sam says she won't necessarily walk away if her MAFS groom were to stray, revealing she "would" forgive if cheated on.
"I have before," says Sam. "Whether or not that was the right decision is a different question..."

Cody: ‘Kids are a deal-breaker!’

Cody, 30, admits he couldn't date someone with kids. (Image: Nine)
Mum isn't the word for this 30-year-old swimming coach from Sydney's Northern Beaches.
"Couldn't date someone with kids," Cody tells Woman's Day.
Single for 18 months, the part-time personal trainer says his impulsive nature could land him in some trouble during the experiment.
"I don't think things through and just kinda run with it… Can see how that may cause me some issues," he admits.

Selin: ‘My secret son’

Selin, 32, wants a role model for her son. (Image: Nine)
There isn't much time for dating when you have a toddler in tow – just ask 32-year-old executive assistant Selin!
While busy juggling work and raising her two-year-old son Roman, she's let her love-life slide.
"After having my son, he was my priority and I thought it was selfish to go out and meet new people, I now know it's not," NSW-based Selin, who was previously married, tells Woman's Day.
She admits she's "open to finding the partner out there for me and a role model for my son".

Olivia: Wedding drama

Olivia, 27, has been engaged before. (Image: Nine)
This isn't the first time Olivia's had a ring on her finger!
"I was very briefly engaged during a fling in October 2020," the 27-year-old teaching student tells Woman's Day.
Before her blink-and-you'd-miss-it engagement, Olivia's last long-term relationship ended in July 2019.
And the NSW-based beauty admits she's fussy when it comes to finding Mr Right.
"There's plenty of deal-breakers for me, but one in particular is if someone can't be bothered spending time with my family," she says.

Holly: Desperate to be a mum!

Holly, 36, is ready to start a family. (Image: Nine)
The 36-year-old cinema manager's biological clock is ticking... loudly!
Desperate to start a family of her own, Holly's not only on the hunt for a husband – but a baby daddy, too.
And she's confident she can find him through the TV experiment.
"I think there's always a chance to find love," she says.
"I wouldn't have applied if I didn't think there was a chance."

Al: Ready to wife swap!

Al, 25, wants what's best for himself - even if that means a partner swap. (Image: Nine)
This charming carpenter is a man on a mission – even if that means causing drama!
"I'm here for love, so I would lie if I said wouldn't cheat if another bride caught my eye because I want to do what's best for myself," says the 25-year-old from NSW, who still lives at home and has never had a girlfriend.
Al knows exactly what he likes and has a long list of wants in a woman.
"I'm looking for someone who is smoking hot, smart, rich, laughs at my jokes and doesn't take life too seriously," he says.

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