Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Tash Herz exposes the truth behind her feud with ex-wife Amanda

''None of what she said is true!''

By Emma Shepherd
Last month, jilted MAFS bride Amanda Micallef unleashed on her "ex-wife" Tash Herz, claiming she was "hooking-up" with her new girlfriend Madison Hewitt the entire time while she in the experiment.
Now Tash, 31, tells NW that this couldn't be further from the truth, and shares her side of the story in an exclusive interview.
Hi Tash, what did you want to say in response to Amanda's claims you were with your girlfriend the whole time?
It's a real shame that we're not in a more amicable place. I wanted to leave the experiment because I didn't have feelings for Amanda.
I had no time to see anyone else during the time on filming. It was absolutely all about feeling no chemistry with Amanda and feeling guilty about that.
The jilted bride sets the record straight on the really went down! Source: Bauer Media
Did you have any control over what the other girls felt about Amanda?
I didn't have any control on anybody else's opinions of Amanda. They made up their own minds based on how they individually interacted with her.
They're strong-minded women and I was definitely close with them but it's a real shame I got to make such good connections with Hayley, Poppy and Natasha and Amanda didn't.
The stuff that I mostly talked to them about was how I could make it work with her. It's a bit different to what she thought.
Amanda said you barely spent any time together, what have you got to say about that?
We spent a lot of time together especially on our honeymoon!
We went jet-skiing, we did kayaking, we went on sunset picnics, we have breakfast and lunches together, we trained together, but it was got edited into two small fights.
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She said you didn't have any intimacy at all?
I don't know anyone who would practise intimacy with a stranger. I was up-front and told her I wasn't feeling chemistry.
I am someone who wants to try and build a friendship first but I couldn't give her what she needed and wanted, clearly because it kept being a point of frustration.
Well, you have found love now thanks to the show is that right?
So, before the show Madison and I were just acquaintances and we talked on-and-off randomly.
We didn't meet for so long because we live in different states, we bumped into each other for the first time at Splendour in the Grass and nothing came of that.
But then speaking online we both realised that we both applied for the show and because I got accepted and she didn't and I wanted to fully commit to the experiment so we cut communication completely.
They were incompatible from the very beginning! Source: Nine
How did you guys start talking again?
Because it wasn't working out with Amanda, and saw that Madison was the person right next to Amanda on the experts slideshow I thought, 'Oh my god that's a sign and such a coincidence,' and I didn't want to ignore that and we reconnected and just all happened from there.
How's your relationship with Madison?
It's been beautiful. She's such an amazing support and I have to give her so much credit to be able to watch the show back with me.
She's so strong and I'm just in awe of her.
I took my time getting to know her because I am a bit old-school and like to know someone before I commit to them but after a few months I couldn't be happier.
''We're in love and it's getting serious!'' Tash tells NW. Source: Instagram
She sounds like she was really your rock throughout this process.
I just feel so lucky to have met her. I have been really lucky with the support for all of my friends and family throughout this process.
I have such an amazing side-spread group of people. The love has been so overwhelming.
Do you feel a deeper level with her than you did with Amanda?
I'm all about chemistry, if it's there it's there, and it's definitely there for her.
Would you say you're in love?
I definitely think that we're both falling in love. I'm not interested in any negativity.
I found love in the end and Amanda absolutely deserves the same and someone to show her love and affection.

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