Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Pregnancy test found on the set of MAFS

Which bride is up the duff?

By NW team
Given the massive ratings that last year's couple-swapping, wine-throwing trainwrecks brought in, Married At First Sight producers were under pressure to deliver even more drama this season.
And it appears they've been successful – as buzz is brewing that one bride has a bun in the oven!
Yep, NW has learnt that a positive pregnancy test was found on set shortly after the participants moved into their new digs at the luxury Skye Suites in Sydney's CBD.
Now speculation is growing that it belonged to one of the couples!
Oh. Em. Gee!
"The cast were always ducking to the supermarket and chemist for stuff, so it's possible it was bought then," reveals our exclusive show insider.
Could Mikey and Natasha be one of the couples having a baby? Source: Nine
None of the couples are fessing up to owning the test just yet, but several have already admitted to doing the deed.
Stacey Hampton, 26, and Michael Goonan, 29, consummated their marriage during their honeymoon, and Mikey Pembroke, 29, confessed in a recent interview that he'd slept with Natasha Spencer, 26.
Meanwhile, Josh Pihlak, 28, and Cathy Evans, 27, have also shagged, and he is beyond ready for kids.
"I want to be a young dad," says Josh. "In five years, I want to be happily married with some little rugrats running around."
A source says Connie is keen for kids too! Source: Nine
According to a second source, Connie Crayden, 27 – who's married to Jonethen Musulin, also 27 – is keen for kids too, but is "probably a few years off it right now" as she wants to finish her marine biology studies.
"Of course, it's hoped the couples are going to have a physical attraction with each other and want to get intimate... that's why Dr Trisha is there!" tells our show insider.
"But in all honestly, there are so many people going in and out of those apartments – from crew members to cleaners – the test could be anyone's."
Well, either way, we guess we'll have an answer in just a few months' time.
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