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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS star Mishel shows off her new curves and explains why the show made her gain 10kg

''There's more of me to love!''

By Emma Shepherd
Most brides and grooms enter the MAFS experiment hoping to find fame love.
But in Mishel Karen's case, she also acquired some new curves, after putting on 10kg during filming.
"I've gained and lost like 150kgs over the course of my life," the 48-year-old teacher, who's married to groom Steve Burley, tells NW.
"During filming I gained about 10kg. When you're married and you're happy you just ... you gain some weight. It's a shame, but I'm still the same. There's just more of me."
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Although she's trying to embrace her new figure, the mother-of-two admits it took a lot of mental strength to get into a bikini during our photo shoot.
"I don't feel that confident, no," Mishel confesses.
"But you get what you get and you don't get upset. To paraphrase, 'This is me. And if you don't like it well then you don't have to look. But if you like it, it's OK.' . Of course I feel better when I'm 10 or 15kgs lighter.
MIshel says she's embracing her new curves ans says "if you don't like it, well you don't have to look!" Source: NW
Since filming ended, Mishel has been working hard to get back to her pre-show size.
Every morning she wakes up and does 20 push-ups straight away "to be active", and then drinks celery juice.
"I love, love, love it," gushes Mishel. "I'm so addicted to celery juice."
She also likes swimming and running to keep fit. However, she can't do either at the moment, as she recently tore the meniscus in her knee.
"The doctor told me, 'Don't train' but I just did," she admits.
Tsk, tsk, Mish!
That's not all - a show insider claims Steve, 52, "comes across as this genuine guy, but that's not the half of it. He shuts Mishel down a lot. You slowly see this beautiful vivacious woman become a shell of herself." Source: Nine
Spending time at the doctor's office is something Mishel has become familiar with.
With MAFS viewers commenting that she talks like Stifler's mum – aka Jennifer Coolidge – Mishel says her sultry voice is actually the result of multiple surgeries to remove non-cancerous tumours.
"I had lesions on my vocal cords," she reveals. "That's why I have a husky voice. It also means I can't sing."
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