Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Lizzie Sobinoff says she is "scared as hell" about going on MAFS for a second shot at love

''I'm afraid the bride and grooms will all turn on me!''

By NW team
She's the jilted MAFS bride from last year who's walking down the aisle again.
But despite being a self-confessed "optimist" who says she couldn't wait to meet her new hubby Seb Guilhaus, Lizzie Sobinoff admits she's shed a few fears along the way too, telling NW: "I was scared as hell going in to this marriage – and extremely guarded."
So what else does Lizzie, 28, say about her second MAFS marriage?
Hi Lizzie, how was it for you this time after such a horrific experience last season?
I'm an optimist and someone who really likes to keep themselves positive, but I definitely feared having an identical scenario to last year.
Do you mean being paired with another Sam Ball type?
Yes, I was 100 percent worried and nervous that I was going to end up in another Sam Ball situation.
I was made to feel insane last year, so when I met Seb, who's this cool, eccentric, out-there guy, but who also seems so great, I thought I'd just have to be careful and keep my cards close to my chest.
He definitely had to work hard to prove he wasn't another Sam Ball!
"I'm taking a big risk by returning to MAFS, a laid-bare Lizzie says. "But I'm ready!" Source: Nine
"I adore Seb, he definitely wears his hear on his sleeve, he's also always trying to help other people," Lizzie admits. Source: Instagram
Why do you think you were so guarded?
Because last year I was having things said to my face and other actions were happening behind my back that I was completely unaware of, so this time around my walls were sky-high!
I felt like I had a form of PTSD after last year's marriage.
Did you have instant chemistry with Seb?
It just felt easy with him straightaway. He really put me at ease.
But again, I was so guarded that I couldn't feel the full-blown connection straightaway because I didn't allow myself to.
How was the honeymoon? You didn't get to go on one last season...
It was great! I mean, I actually got a bloody honeymoon!
It sounds sad, but I was half-expecting not to get one. I never allowed myself to get too excited for fear I'd be let down again.
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What are some things you love about Seb?
I adore the fact he always sees the positive side of every situation, he always wants to help everybody and he wears his heart on his sleeve – what you see is what you get!
Ooh, sounds serious! Is there anything about him you find annoying?
At first I couldn't stand his humour!
He's childish and he lives for dad jokes – he's a goof, basically!
So despite your fears, are you glad you walked down the aisle again?
I became a recluse after filming because I feared the other brides and grooms would turn on me like last time.
It's been tough – I just hope my marriage to Seb makes it worthwhile. Time will tell...

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