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MAFS EXCLUSIVE: The grooms are caught behaving badly - and one contestant's stripper past is exposed!

When the wives are away, these grooms will play!

By Rebecca Sullivan
If you thought the bitching, fighting and red wine-throwing between the brides on Married At First Sight was bad, just wait until you hear about what the grooms on this year's season of the show have been up to!
We did some digging on some of the bad boy grooms on the show to find out just what our brides have gotten themselves into.
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One contestant's stripper past has been revealed, while another groom has been caught sending saucy nude videos - yep, we have the screenshots.
And there are even rumours of a romance between two of the grooms, who have been caught canoodling in bed together!
Keep on scrolling for all the juicy groom gossip this season.

Chris's stripper past exposed!

He's eager to be portrayed as a devoted father-of-two – but before Chris Nicholls was all about responsible adulting, he was giving Channing Tatum a run for his money-maker.
Yep, between 2014 and 2015, Chris worked as a topless waiter and stripper for Aussie Hunks Australia, an Adelaide-based male revue.
Chris showing this lovely lady how to have a good time! (Image exclusive to NW)
A backwards lap dance? That's actually kind of impressive. (Image exclusive to NW)
And as our exclusive pics show, Chris, 37, certainly wasn't shy about grinding up on the ladies!
He also posed as Mr August in the revue's annual calendar back in 2015.
Looks like the new Mrs Nicholls is in for a bit of a show come their wedding night!
Two at once! Chris certainly isn't shy ... (Image exclusive to NW)

Mikey's nude photo leak!

Well someone's clearly comfortable with the skin he's in.
Yep, NW has discovered a video recording of blonde beefcake Mikey Pembroke stark naked getting out of the shower.
Wonder who this was intended for?! (Image exclusive to NW)
OMG! (Image exclusive to NW)
Mikey certainly isn't afraid of showing off his killer rig on his Instagram account.
Wonder if we'll get to see more of shirtless Mikey on this year's season?
Not gonna lie ... we're secretly hoping we do!

Mikey and Jonethen busted in bed! "They spend a lot of time together"

More than friends? (Image exclusive to NW)
Married At First Sight has certainly had its fair share of partner swapping in its six-year history.
But nothing is more shocking than two presumably straight grooms cavorting with each other in bed!
But that's exactly what Mikey and Jonethen Musulin, 27, have been caught doing behind the scenes.
In an exclusive photo obtained by NW, the boys can be seen straddling each other shirtless while almost locking lips.
Ooft! (Image exclusive to NW)
Now some are wondering if their bromance has turned into a secret romance! Say whaat?!
"Mikey and Jonethen spent a ton of time together during filming and would often meet up without their wives," tattles our series insider.
"They're very playful with one another and often it seemed like they were flirting with each other."
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Mikey and Jonethen both identify as straight in all the show's promo material. However, they're both allies of the LGBTQ+ community and regularly voice their support on Instagram.
"2019 Mardi Gras," a friend wrote on one of Jonethen's shirtless photos. Meanwhile, on Mikey's account, he's pictured getting up close and personal with his male friends.
"My guys," he wrote on one photo. Hmm...
The brand new season of Married At First Sight premieres at 7.30pm on February 3 on Channel Nine.

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