Married At First Sight

Liam Cooper debuts his new relationship with an unlikely fellow MAFS star: "Life works in mysterious ways"

Cute couple alert!

By Chanelle Mansour
Liam Cooper was the first openly bisexual groom on Married At First Sight and though he didn't find love on the show, it's a fellow MAFS star who has won his heart now.
Debuting his romance with MAFS NZ star Samuel Levi, Liam and his new beau thanked fans and friends for being so supportive of their relationship.
The couple went public on Instagram, Liam sharing a sweet snap of himself with Samuel accompanied by a heartfelt caption.
Liam and Samuel debuted their relationship with a sweet couple's photo. Instagram
"When a country boy finds a city boy," the Married At First Sight star penned.
"Life works in mysterious ways and this guy came into my life when I least expected it.
"I know I don't have to explain my life or what I do but I am very open and honest and wanted to let you all know," Liam continued.
He went on to explain that he met Samuel early this year after the experiment, and that they "hit it off" but remained friends until recently.
"Samuel has shown me what support looks like, what trust looks like and much more. I am scared, I am nervous but most of all I am happy ❤️," he wrote.
While Liam starred in the Australian version of MAFS this year, Samuel starred on MAFS New Zealand in 2019.
Samuel also took to his own Instagram to confirm their relationship, uploading the same photo and wrote: "When a city boy finds his country boy."
"Life certainly works in mysterious ways. It looks like the "experiment" worked out for the both of us ❤️," he said.
The two also shared another photo of them cuddled up in Oodies, with Samuel thanking fans for their support of the news.
The pair cuddled up in this cute photo. Instagram
"Gosh you guys are incredible, thank you for all the love and support. It doesn't go unnoticed," he penned.
Liam also added: "Best way to spend the weekend!"
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