Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Shock: Lauren and Matthew leave after just two weeks

One of the show’s strongest matches has called it quits

Lauren Huntriss and Matthew Bennett made the shock decision to leave Married At First Sight in tonight's heartbreaking episode. Their split was unexpected for the show's love experts, who considered the pair one of the strongest matches of the season.
However, fans saw the split coming after Lauren and Matthew's awkward confrontation at the dinner party.
Matthew told everyone at the dinner party he wasn't attracted to Lauren, with the pair then spending the evening in separate hotel rooms. Though Matthew went to 'talk' to Lauren before the commitment ceremony, he sat down and didn't say much to her.
"Are you just going to sit here in silence all day?" Lauren asked. "You understand why I'm so upset right?"
"You don't say [that] in front of a group of people. I felt this f-----g small. You should have been honest to me, not the boys."
Later at the commitment ceremony, as Lauren recounted the week's events to the love experts, you could see how uncomfortable they both were.
"We got to the dinner party and my default setting is honesty," Matthew began to explain, as Lauren rolled her eyes. "I got asked a question 'are you attracted to Lauren' and what ended up coming out was that I don't think that I am."
"I can't force Matt to be attracted to me, I can't force any of this," Lauren responded. "I just wish Matt would have spoken to me in private. This isn't something you discuss with a group full of people you barely know."
"The thing that cuts me the deepest is disappointing someone I care about and last night that's exactly what I did, I hurt someone I care about," Matthew said.
"Yeah I feel like s—t," Lauren said. "The thing that p---es me off the most is that Matthew was a virgin coming in to this and to me when you lose your virginity to someone you have to surely be attracted to them. And we did that and I just feel used cos I feel like was he just doing it to have that experience for the first time?"
"Why would I put myself through this experiment and get close to someone just to hurt them, to lose my virginity," Matthew said, adding "There are apps for that."
Though Lauren told the experts she regrets having slept with Matthew, he said he doesn't regret any of the experiences.
"I've gotten to know Loz and Loz is amazing," he said.
"Guys always say this to me. I'm amazing... but they never want to commit," she hit back.
Both Lauren and Matthew wrote 'Leave' on their cards, meaning their time in the experiment is over.
It seems both Lauren and Matthew deserved better from the love experts, as they should have been paired with more suitable matches… though for some reason she is the one copping the majority of the nasty attention online.
Trolls have been targeting Lauren with negative comments, claiming that she should have kept her past and her sexual preferences to herself to accommodate Matthew's naivety. Lauren hit back at the online hate saying it "wasn't fair" she was paired with someone who had never been in a relationship before.
"I was nothing but supportive and caring of him. This entire story was @mattybgratefuls story. I'm sick of the excuses," she wrote, tagging him on Instagram.
"It's completely unfair. Apparently I don't matter. What can ya do."
With their time on the show done and dusted, here's hoping the pair can find a way to move on.
Married At First Sight continues Monday, 7:30pm, on Nine.

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