Married At First Sight

MAFS' Jules Robinson's PERFECT response to those lesbian lover reports

She's only got eyes for her fiance Cam!

By Anita Lyons
"Friendship" and "unbreakable" are two words that Married at First Sight's Jules Robinson uses to describe her fiancé Cam Merchant.
In fact, the pair are such a united front that Jules Robinson took to Instagram to thank her partner for his unwavering support amid reports that she used to be in a relationship with a woman.
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According to a report from Woman's Day published earlier in the week, Jules had been involved in same-sex relationships in the past, but the salon manager's former flames were never addressed on the show.
Speaking to Woman's Day, a source close to Jules reveals that one of her former girlfriends is back in her life – and Cam's said to be furious.
According to the insider, Cam, 35, was shocked to find out Sydney-based events manager Renee Schembri was invited to their engagement party without him knowing exactly who she was.
"He only knew her as an old friend of Jules," says the source.
"He had no idea this was her fling, and it didn't sit well with him. I think he would have just liked a heads-up!"
One of Jules' past relationships involved a woman named Renee Schembri (right). The pair started dating in the UK in 2007. (Image: Exclusive/ supplied)
Despite the claims, it seems it hasn't deterred our favourite MAFS couple - with Jules taking to Instagram with the perfect response.
Sharing a gorgeous picture with her soon-to-be hubby, she captioned the post: "They say it's not a lack of love that makes a unhappy relationship or marriage, it's a lack of friendship. Thank you for being my best friend @cammerchant, your truly heaven sent [sic]".
She then followed up with a slew of loving hashtags: "#friendship #unbreakable #hasmyback #thankyou #bestman #myfav #love #holdhands #laugh".
"They say it's not a lack of love that makes a unhappy relationship or marriage, it's a lack of friendship," Jules wrote on her Instagram. (Source: Instagram/JulesRobinson82)
Cam responded to his future-bride with "Thank you for being mine❤️". Naawww!"
On Tuesday morning, Jules took to her Instagram with another positive message for her 275k followers.
"Have a great day everyone! Keep smiling ,trust what makes you smile and trust your intuition . ❤️❤️. [sic] #smile #happyquotes #gutfeeling #intuition #trust #happiness."
Jules' Instagram positive Instagram post. (Source: Instagram/JulesRobinson82)
It seems their end of year nuptials are still very much on track and just last month, Jules was spotted out and about with her co-star Heidi Latcham, shopping for wedding dresses.
Opening up about deciding to propose to his TV bride, Cam told TV WEEK: "It just felt right."
"When I saw Jules again for the first time [at the vow renewal], she was all I could focus on."
Aww – and now all Jules seems to be able to focus on is what she'll be wearing!
The gown is being kept under wraps for the time being. But Jules previously revealed what she's been looking for – and the fact that there'll be two!
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"I want a big Cinderella dress this time," she shared. "Then I'll get a nice, sexy dress to dance around in later – one that shows off my curves."
Of course, let's not forget that Jules has already had one bite at the cherry – her lovely MAFS ceremony dress.
"I tried on at least 12 dresses, but when I put 'The One', I just knew it was it," she explained to Woman's Day. "To my surprise it made me emotional, which I didn't expect."

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