Married At First Sight

All the signs Married At First Sight's Cam and Jules will announce a pregnancy any minute now

Is Baby Merchant coming soon?

By Alex Lilly
It's official: Married At First Sight's Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant are husband and wife!
The reality TV couple officially tied the knot in November and shared their big day in a one-off TV special on A Current Affair, but it seems like they're already keen to get started on the next stage of their lives and start a family.
Cam and Jules have made no secret about the fact that they'd love to be parents, and it was even discussed back when they starred on Married At First Sight.
"It's really important to me that I'm with someone who wants to have a family," Jules said in one of the episodes, during a heart-to-heart with her TV husband.
"I think you've seen that I do, they're so important," Cam replied sweetly.
Now that the wedding is done, we're expecting a pregnancy announcement any day now. (Image: Nine Network)
"Don't be surprised if little pitter patters come before an actual wedding," Cam even remarked following his proposal in the MAFS final commitment ceremony.
Jules was quick to add that she's "an old-fashioned kind of girl", who'd officially become a Mrs before becoming a mum, however during their wedding TV special, we noticed a few clues that indicate babies are well and truly on the agenda for this couple.
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1. Jules' push present hint

Push presents, which refers to the gift a woman receives from her husband, partner, or father of her child after giving birth, are becoming more and more common - and it seems like Jules is keen to receive one when they become parents.
While the couple went shopping for their rings, the salesperson said "people get one for their wedding ring and one for their eternity ring."
Jules quickly added, "Then I'll get my push present on the other hand!" before giving her fiancé a knowing look.
Take note Cam!
As the couple went ring shopping, Jules hinted that she'll soon be sporting a push present. (Image: Nine Network)

2. The grandparents are ready!

It's not just Cam and Jules who are excited to expand their family - Jules' mum Eve is most definitely ready to be a grandma.
When A Current Affair's Sylvia Jeffreys spoke to the bride's proud parents after the ceremony, she remarked, "You couldn't ask for much more," to which Jules' dad Peter replied, "That's right."
But Eve was quick to add: "Yes we could - little ones!"
Eve is ready to be a grandma! (Image: Nine Network)

3. Jules' dad made it even clearer in the speeches

Jules' dad Peter is just as keen as his wife to become a grandparent.
In his speech at the wedding reception, the proud father of the bride concluded his speech by saying, "We're expect grandchildren very shortly," to which his daughter proudly cried, "Me too!" in response.
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4. Jules wants a "mini Cam"

When the conversation turned to starting their family at the end of the episode, Jules highlighted the qualities she'd love her future child to have.
"I'd love a little mini version of Cam," she explained. "Exactly the same but just little, the same passion for life and the same aura that Cam carries with him. He's a special, special human being."
Congratulations you two! (Image: Nine Network)