Married At First Sight

Nooo! Have Nasser Sultan and Gabrielle River broken up?

Our body language expert weighs in on the frosty couple.

By Chloe Lal
We might still be reeling from the news that Troy Delmege is a 35-year-old virgin and Sarah Roza and Telv Williams have FINALLY had sex...
But the biggest MAFS bombshell that has jolted us into complete shock is that Nasser Sultan may have a secret girlfriend all along and his wife Gabrielle River is heartbroken.
And now the couple's latest interview has fans across the nation convinced they've broken up.
The pair looked uncomfortable as they spoke about their "marriage" this morning.
During Sunday's commitment ceremony, Gab voted to leave as she felt Nass didn't desire her sexually.
On Tuesday morning, the couple appeared icy as they dropped by the Kyle & Jackie O Show in Sydney to talk about their problems.
"Definitely, there was a friend zone that occurred between us," Gab confessed of her decision.
When Jackie asked if their relationship was going south, Nasser was quick the shake away that impression, saying, "It hasn't gone down hill and pear-shaped."

Gab and Nass on their wedding day vs. now

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Nasser's hope was quickly dashed when his wife gave him a solid dose of reality.
"In the real world I would've had a glass of wine with Nasser and gone, 'meh, I don't think so. Thanks, but no thanks!'"
Gobsmacked, he responded, "Come on, now. I'm absolutely shocked!"
Watch the interaction below!
Kyle decided to prod the pair about their sex life, but Gab wouldn't have a bar of it.
"I will not talk about the intimate details of my husband and I. I absolutely refuse to talk about intimate details, sorry to make some boring radio for you," the pretty blonde snapped.
The intimate questions didn't stop there with the shock jock asking Nasser about his sexuality.
"I am 110% not gay," the fitness instructor said.
The Surry Hills resident added, "I live in the gay community, trust me!"
"If I was gay, I'd be a rock star! If I was gay I'd live the lifestyle of it."

The couple tried to put on a united front... But cracks are appearing!

So, what does body language expert Dr Louise Mahler think about Gab and Nasser?

Dr Louise shared her verdict.
After watching footage of Gab and Nasser's interview on KIIS FM, Dr Louise Mahler shared her analysis - and she thinks the MAFS couple are no longer together.
"When Gabrielle talks she doesn't include him in her eye contact. Her gestures off to him in a disregarding way and you notice that she turns her body away from him," Dr Louise tells us.
Dr Louise also picked up on the fact when Nasser spoke about his sexuality, "his yes dart when he says he is not gay."
Sharing her take on the pair, Dr Louise concluded that there is a breakdown in the relationship as they have "no body language."