Married At First Sight

“I’m not single anymore!” Has MAFS' Tracey Jewel moved on with Sean Thomsen?

The Married At First Sight contestant has found a new love after the show.

By TV Week team
Since filming finished, rumours have been swirling that Tracey is now romantically involved with fellow participant Sean Thomsen.
"I'm keeping that close to my chest," she says. "[But] I'm not single anymore. I can't say [who] but you'll find out soon."
Speaking to Fitzy and Wippa this morning, she remained coy about who the mysterious man is. When asked whether her new catch also starred in her season of Married At First Sight, she replied with a simple, "no comment".
"Nothing happened while I was on the show, obviously," she adds. "I was with Dean."

But it seems a lot has changed since Tracey shocked audiences with her decision to leave the 39-year-old creative director.
In last night's episode, Tracey made it very clear that it was over between her and Dean. But it came as a surprise to Dean when Tracey announced she didn't want to continue their relationship after the show.
"I had no idea Dean would be so upset," Tracey, 34, says.
"And I certainly didn't expect for him to say he loves me.
"I think his alpha male side was convinced I was going to stay. His ego got a little bruised."
The mother-of-one adds that being matched with Dean on MAFS has changed her dating patterns.
"I never want to be with an alpha male again," she declares.
"My biggest insecurity is being cheated on. To live that on TV, it's like closure."

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