Married At First Sight

What is happening? MAFS fans think Sarah Roza is hiding something after her fight with Telv Williams

You don't need an expert to know that they need some serious help.

By Chloe Lal
Married At First Sight, we've got to ask you... What is happening? SERIOUSLY?
We remember when the show produced solid love stories - looking at you Zoe Henrix and Alex Garner.
But now there's a bunch of people (the camera's on you Mr Church-goer Dean Wells) that think it is acceptable to offer up your wife to your mates.
We're also seeing grooms like Nasser Sultan who actually have a secret girlfriend on the outside.
In all this muddy nonsense, the nation pinned their hopes on Sarah Roza and Telv Williams.
Sarah feels neglected.
Of course it's natural for any couple, especially one under constant public (and scientific) scrutiny, to feel the pressure.
However the cracks for Sarah and Telv are so much deeper.
Then his ex said he was still messaging her, while his friends admitted he thought his wife was far too "controlling."
Now the show is profiling their issues.
Last night, the couple underwent an intense therapy session with Telv confessing he didn't believe he did anything wrong.
One of the factors that was brought up is that Sarah believes her husband doesn't "respect the experiment."
"I feel like I'm being abandoned. I'd rather be single than feel like this. I don't want to feel unwanted."
"If you want to go, go!"
Telv admitted, despite having zero expectations he's fallen in love with Sarah. Then expert John Atkin gave his analysis.
"Deep down the reason why this is blowing up if because you care so much for each other. You just don't know how to to do it right!"
Telv admitted he loves Sarah.
Fans were quick to share their judgment on the matter.
Some understood her pain, musing, "I too think it is her past relationship experiences that has made her feel so emotional and insecure."
While others saw this as a warning for the future.
One person had this to say: "Run Telv RUN!! drama queen at her best. She just wants his attention ALL THE TIME. My gosh what will she be like when he flie out to work."
"This has been blown way out of proportion she needs to lighten up relationships always have there moments and i reckon many out there wish there issues were this small."
Adding, "He should just walk out the door!"
John is a miracle worker!
Sarah, 39, has admitted that the editing of the show hasn't shown the full story.
She took to Instagram to explain to defend the "irrational fight."
"Wow! You all think I was just being overly sensitive because I had my period? NO. Definitely not the case," she wrote.
"I'm a strong, resilient woman and it takes a LOT to make me upset like that but of course it doesn't make sense to you all because the real reason for the fight (which definitely wasn't the first one we had) was completely edited out."
Just when you thought the MAFS conspiracy theories couldn't get any stranger... One person on Facebook has claimed that they know Sarah personally and she's definitely no longer with Telv.
Writing on a MAFS Facebook group, they claimed that Sarah is not "as sweet as people make her out to be" and her 33-year-old hubby "is actually celebrating the fact" he's not with his TV wife.
The person alleges, "Any bloke that's escaped Sarah would do the exact (same) thing."
Adding more fuel to this fire, another person claiming to be Telv's sister shared: "I'm Telv's sister and I'm afraid to say you are incorrect."
What we do know for sure - love is hopeless, we have whiplash and have no idea what to believe anymore but here's hoping Sarah and Telv can work through their challenges.

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