Married At First Sight

"You deserve a second chance!" Fans call for Jo McPharlin to return to MAFS next year

Can the fan favourite find her happily ever after?

By Bella Brennan
Shockwaves from last night's explosive commitment ceremony on Married At First Sight are still being felt around the country.
And perhaps the most heart-wrenching moment was when Sean Donnelly revealed he'd chosen to leave his bride Jo McPharlin.
"Obviously I was really, really keen to see if we could find something. But I don't want to stuff her around and I chose to leave," the pub manager explained as a clearly rattled Jo sat next to him and tried to process the bombshell.
"I thought having a mateship, there may be something there. So I actually said stay... Which is going to be really hard. Can I change my decision because I'd love to go," the single mother-of-two cried.
But according to the experiment's rules, if one person opts to stay and the other wants to leave, they have to stick it out another week til the next commitment ceremony.
"If I knew that was his decision, I would have said the same thing and I'd be with my kids tomorrow. Now I have to sit here for another week with someone who doesn't want to be here with me," the Adelaide local wept.
As Jo realised the severity of the situation, she snapped at her TV groom: "You made me feel this big. You're a douchebag!"
Later Sarah Roza comforted a distraught Jo, who told her: "I've got so much love to give. I just want someone to give it back to me."
Jo was stunned by Sean's decision to leave her.
And now in a touching gesture, fans are rallying around "Foxy Jojo" and calling for her to be given a second chance at love on next year's series, John Robertson style!
"Jo we love you lady... U deserve a second chance bring Jo back next season," one well-wisher penned.
"So heartbroken for Jo. You are worth so much more, hunni," a third added.
"Bring her back next season," another agreed.
Fans are calling for Jo to return to MAFS next year.
Speaking to TheFix, Jo revealed she was caught off-guard by Sean's decision.
"I was 100 per cent blindsided by his decision," she told the website.
"I just felt that he never, ever gave it a red hot crack. Like, clearly you just saw me on face value and that was it. I was just really hurt and disappointed."
Jo put so much on the line to star on the show and says her mum tried to take long-service leave to look after her two children.
"Her job just turned around and said to Mum, 'Well, sorry, we don't have a position when you come back. If you want to sacrifice your job to look after your grandkids then you don't have a job.'"
"I sacrifice my whole life for this experiment and [Sean] sacrificed... I don't know what."
"That's why I was so bitter because my everything is in this. My mum's job, my kids' life, everything. And he wasn't even invested from the wedding. In my opinion he never tried."
This week, Sean and Jo will move in together to see if they can stoke any passion. And if not, there's already a strong backing for Foxy Jojo's 2019 return!
Sean and Jo will move in together this week.