Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Exclusive: Elizabeth doesn’t regret her MAFS experience – despite the disappointing way things ended

“I gave it my all!”

By Tina Burke and Zara Zubeidi
After a string of setbacks, Elizabeth's journey on Married At First Sight finally came to an end last week.
First, her husband Sam, 26, ditched her ahead of their honeymoon, before hooking up with Ines behind her back.
Then Elizabeth was forced to leave the experiment temporarily for health reasons. Finally, she and Sam chose to leave the show altogether after failing to forge a connection.
But in spite of what happened, she says she has no regrets.
"I'm very secure in myself," the 27-year-old tells TV WEEK. "I can't speak on behalf of others, but I'm very content I gave it my all."
Elizabeth says that by the end of the experiment, she was drained – both emotionally and physically.
"I was beat," she explains.
"I just thought, 'What's the point anymore?' I just didn't care. He [Sam] wasn't worth it. All the lies, the affair… I was exhausted by his shenanigans."
Those 'shenanigans' came to light on Sunday night's episode, where Elizabeth and Sam attended their final commitment ceremony.
Elizabeth and Sam's final commitment ceremony was explosive.
Elizabeth told the love experts she was "shocked" Sam had chosen to stay while she had been absent due to illness, and questioned if it had something to do with rumours he had been hooking up with Ines.
Sam, dancing around the truth of how the affair began and how far it went, slowly revealed he had formed a 'connection' with Ines. Though, as he told the experts, he doesn't see a future with her either.
With all of Sam's confusing statements, Elizabeth called him out and questioned why he hadn't told her the truth.
"The thing that kept getting pummeled at me was that I have no respect for him, yet he's talking to someone behind my back? He just said they spoke at the Gold Coast, but then he said there was an Instagram message and they met up prior to the Gold Coast so he just contradicted everything he just said," Elizabeth began.
"You were obviously talking to another female behind my back, and I thought Sam and Bronson were quite friendly and you've done that to him as well."
Elizabeth's face says it all.
After deciding to leave the experiment, Elizabeth told Sam she wished he had just been honest.
"I don't mess with drama and I don't mess with you, so I'm leaving," she said. "I just wish you would have been honest, there were a lot of lies from the get-go. I genuinely don't want anyone to feel like crap, but I just feel like I was made to feel like crap a lot of the time and you just start hurting people Sam."
Later, Elizabeth told the cameras "I came in here really wanting to give it a go but I really don't feel like I've had an opportunity to even start a relationship."
So, would Elizabeth consider returning to MAFS again?
"With someone else, obviously!" she says with a laugh. "I don't want to say I was cheated by my experience. I have an extremely open mind."

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