Married At First Sight

Confused at first sight! We can't decide if we love or hate Nasser Sultan on MAFS

He's a walking, talking bundle of contradictions and we're torn.

By Bella Brennan
Last night, Australia was introduced to the force of nature that is Nasser Sultan on Married at First Sight.
The 50-year-old beach babe is bursting at the seams with joie de vivre and reminds us of an enthusiastic puppy.
But scratch the surface on this year's "Peter Pan" and we're feeling very conflicted over just who exactly Nasser is and what he stands for...

Pro: He ADORES his bride Gabrielle

When Nasser first laid eyes on Gabrielle Bartlett, he couldn't believe the blonde bombshell gliding down the aisle was his wife.
"Oh my God! Absolutely amazing, unbelievable," the PT proclaimed.
Throughout the night he doted on her hand and foot and treated her like an absolute goddess.
Later, he confessed it felt like he'd been married to Gab for years and their spark was instant and natural.
"I feel like I've been married to her for 10 years," a smitten Nasser beamed.
The face of a very happy man.

Con: He freaked out when he learnt Gabrielle was a divorced mother-of-one

When Gabrielle, 44, opened up about her 11-year-old daughter and ex-husband you could literally see the colour drain from Nasser's face.
"Okay there's a daughter there, and there's an ex hanging around," Nasser panicked.
"I'm concerned about it. That's a hurdle that I'm still processing."
"I've dated women with kids, and it's not easy. It's a massive challenge."
"I've dated women with kids, and it's not easy. It's a massive challenge."

He took the time to get to know his bride and promised to give it his all

While many bride and grooms on MAFS spend their wedding working the room and getting grilled by their new spouse's family, Nasser made sure to pull Gabrielle aside and get to know her.
"We're going to make this work! We're going to make it fun," Nasser promised.
"The two of us feel like kindred spirits, these experts have done a really good job here," Gabrielle added.
WATCH: Nasser gets to know Gab. Post continues...
What was even more touching was just how grateful the fitness instructor was for his "beautiful" wedding and for being matched with his wife.
"We are the luckiest couple in the world, I reckon," Nasser proclaimed.
There's a definite spark between Nasser and Gabrielle but will it be enough?

Con: He might have missed something out of his beauty routine and has major tickets on himself

At 50 years old, Nasser has the taut visage of a millennial.
And something tells us this sun-loving party animal has had a little help along the way.
Yep, it doesn't take a plastic surgeon to figure out his secret weapon in his routine might be Botox.
After the reality star claimed his youthful looks were all thanks to moisturiser, Twitter was quick to say otherwise.
"I can't help but think Nasser's skincare routine involves Botox and fillers as well as moituriser," one fan penned.
WATCH: Nasser shares his beauty tips. Post continues...
"Oh for sure. you can see it right away, it's soooooo obvious," another agreed.
The fact Nasser is so caught up on looks sounds a concerning alarm as behind the scenes, his wife Gabrielle is trying to figure out the right moment to tell him she suffers from permanent hair loss as a result of alopecia.
During a piece to camera Nasser toots his horn yet again.
"I'm VERY attractive. I think about a seven out of ten. For fifty years old, I'm pretty hot!"
The 50-year-old says his taught visage is all down to his moisturising routine.

Con: He has very outdated views about his wife's role

When it comes to marriage, Nasser tells TheFIX he has a very clear view of the dynamic he wants.
"The wife will look after the house, go shopping and wear a beautiful dress," he revealed to the website.
"Sort out the parties and all that sort of thing.... In our relationship, the man works, the man provides and the man is the person who goes out and protects the family."
The bubbly Sydney local also has firm views on activewear.
"If she wants to wear the activewear, it will be at certain times," he said.
"Not the bloody weekend like everybody else. Wear some clothes, for god's sake! Gym wear is only for the gym."
The fitness instructor doesn't want his wife to wear sports luxe on the weekend.