Married At First Sight

Everything you need to know about Carly and Troy's romance on MAFS

The shock new couple are about to turn the MAFS finale upside down!

By Bella Brennan
After raunchy photos of Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer's make-out session in a Melbourne park emerged last month, their romance has become the show's worst kept secret.
But we haven't actually seen this MAFS partner-swap in action come to life on our screens - until now!
In a drama-packed new teaser for tonight's dinner party on Married At First Sight, Troy, who mutually parted ways with his TV wife Ashley Irvin during the final commitment ceremony, can be seen in bed with a "mystery brunette" (spoiler alert, it's Justin Fischer's former TV wife Carly!)
In the trailer, when Ash learns about Troy's flourishing romance with her co-star Carly all hell breaks loose.
Watch the explosive trailer in the player above!
"We were friends!" Ash can be seen yelling at a blurry figure (who is most definitely Carly).
In another clip, the Queensland beauty vents to Charlene Perera about the betrayal.
"She cares about my feelings? bulls--t! You seem real upset on his lap, making out with your tongue down his throat," the flight attendant yells.
As Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer prepare to debut their romance on Married At First Sight this week, here's everything we know about their surprising relationship!

Pillow talk: Troy cuddles up to new flame Carly in bed.

Troy and Carly want kids together

IT consultant Troy recently told TV WEEK he doesn't want to waste any more time when it comes to having children.
"I don't want to be too old and still pumping out kids," the 34-year-old said. "Time is dwindling."
And it seems Carly feels much the same way.
"I really want to have kids," the 32-year-old added. "I want to have a few – so I need to get cracking on that one."
WATCH: Troy and Ash end their marriage. Post continues...
So exactly how many children would the couple like to have?
"If I was 25, I would say eight would be awesome," Troy agreed.
"But six little rascals running around would be so much fun. I've got a history of twins in my family. Maybe I can get a couple of sets of triplets."
Carly, meanwhile, is hoping to keep her future family on the smaller side.
"I think three would be nice," she admitted.

After her marriage to Justin failed to work, Carly says she found a kindred spirit in Troy.

Carly says Troy is 100% her type

"Physically, Troy is my type," Carly revealed.
"I do go for that preppy, private school-looking guy and Justin and I had a conversation about that."
The marketing manager from Victoria says Troy, 35, is "hilarious", and the two of them became really good friends during filming.
"We definitely bonded at the dinner parties," she explained.
"We seemed to be the ones in the relationships who were putting in a lot more than we were getting. I think we both sympathised with each other a lot about that."
Ash feels betrayed by the shock coupling.

Their big reveal shook the MAFS cast

Walking hand-in-hand into the final dinner party together, jaws were literally on the floor as Troy and Carly entered the room as a couple.
"Although producers knew they were a couple, nobody else did until they walked into the reunion holding hands," an insider tells NW.
"Everyone was shocked to see them together. But no-one more so than Ashley, who couldn't stop crying while Carly seated herself on Troy's knee at the dinner table opposite her, where shew as showing off and kissing him," they add.
"Ash feels like she's been totally played and betrayed by both Troy and Carly - even though she obviously wasn't falling in love with him, Troy told Ash he loved her. And this was just proof that it was bulls--t."
"Ash feels like she's been totally played and betrayed by both Troy and Carly," a source tells NW.