Married At First Sight

MAFS stars cash in: Inside Cam And Jules' eye-watering $50,000 TV deal

Australia's favourite couple are making the most of their popularity!

Last week, Woman's Day revealed super-savvy lovebirds Cameron Merchant and Jules Robinson had been spending their post-show downtime shopping around for a manager, before they announced they had signed with The MGMT – one of Sydney's most lucrative talent agencies.
And if their celeb-style engagement party last week was anything to go by, their new partnership is off to a dazzling start!
While fellow Married At First Sight participants have struggled to bring in the dollars – with many forced to quit their jobs – "Australia's sweethearts" Cam and Jules are said to be making it rain, with one source close to the couple revealing they wrangled themselves a huge paycheque for the Sunday night shindig.
The insider claims the loved-up reality stars eventually cut a deal with Today and Nine News worth a staggering $50,000!
The source says the hefty payout allowed the network to attend and film the event, which saw the large presence of camera crews, reporters and network publicists, who were given a tight deadline to get the story ready for the following morning.
Cam and Jules' engagement bash had some big money behind it. (Image: Instagram @julesrobinson82)
According to the source, the payment also included appearance fees for Cam, 35, and Jules, 37, who were out of bed early the next morning for their exclusive sit-down with the breakfast TV show.
The soiree was held at inner-west Sydney's Acre Eatery, inside its state-of-the-art farmhouse, and included appearances from some of the 2019 MAFS cast including bridesmaids-to-be Melissa Lucarelli and Heidi Latcham.
And while it appears the celebrations landed the pair a pretty penny and widespread media attention, some of Cam and Jules less "famous" guests tell Woman's Day the night was surprisingly frugal and lacked an intimate feel.
"Lots of us were shocked to find out that drinks were not free, which was strange given the amount of media and press in the room," says one partygoer.
"At one point there was an ongoing joke about heading to the pub after the cake!"
WATCH: Inside Cam and Jules REAL engagement party. Story continues after video...
Others commented on the "spectacle" nature of the night, with one guest revealing it was difficult to move around the venue without getting in the way of cameras or being frequently asked to move.
In one case, people were told to get out of the way for Cam and Jules' choreographed dance, which was filmed for TV.

Cam and Jules' engagement party demands

Strict social media ban
"It will be a social-media-free party, we request no pre-posting or posting while you're there," wrote a stern Jules on the event's Facebook page.
Dress Accordingly
It might have been a lazy long weekend, but Jules told guests they must "dress to impress" in order to attend.
TV Gold
With a choreographed dance number, roaming reporters, network publicists and a mass of camera crew, the couple made sure it was a night nobody would forget.

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