Married At First Sight

This Married at First Sight season 5 couple already sound like a hot mess

It's Chezza and Andrew all over again!

By Bella Brennan
With only two couples out of five seasons having stood the test of time, Married At First Sight Australia isn't exactly the most successful of reality TV dating shows in the local landscape.
And with the new season hitting our airwaves on January 29th, one of the couples who boldly tie the knot on the same day they first meet has been revealed... and we're already nervous.
Remember jerk-face Dean, whose MAFS teaser that dropped last month showing him listing the out-of-date and outrageous qualities he's looking for in a woman?
Which include someone to "obey" him because "I'm the man and I'm in charge."
"It's hard to say without sounding sexist. I like a girl that is a girl and girlie. I also want someone that listens to me. I want to be the alpha male and she has to respect me as a male," Dean explains in the shocking trailer, which you can watch in the player above.
"A lot of guys are just afraid to be men now and they're just getting whipped by their women," he adds.
Yep, a charming catch indeed.
WATCH: Meet relationship expert and MAFS star Tracey Jewel. Post continues...
Relationship expert and MAFS star Tracey Jewel has an eight-year-old daughter.
According to PerthNow, the misogynistic contestant has been matched with WA based relationship expert and self described "goddess" Tracey Jewel.
What could possibly go wrong?
Proving just how small the reality TV world really is, mum-of-one Tracey has already had a brush with a Bachelor having previously dated Blake Garvey.
Tracey has penned three self-help books and even appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011 to spruik her tome, Goddess Within.
"I unexpectedly forged a position for myself as a role model for women, and I take this role seriously.I encourage all women to embrace and love themselves. We are all unique, special, diverse and beautiful," she explains on her website of her career and beliefs.
Dean is after a woman to "obey" him.
"Never one to take the well-worn path, I have fought demons, both publicly and privately, but persevered to build an inspiring life. Throughout all I remained positive as I was aware that whatever I did would influence my beautiful daughter."
It doesn't take an expert match-maker to see this is going to be the 2018 equivalent of Cheryl Maitland and Andrew "Jonesy" Jones all over again.
Season three MAFS star Clare Verrall, who "married" Jono Pitman in what turned out to be the series' biggest train-wreck pairing, has repeatedly criticised the show for teaming couples they know will be explosive and make for good viewing.
"[The producers] see those traits and they know that those traits are not going to match up well with the person that they've matched you with," she revealed
"They're like, 'villain- she's going to be controlling, she's going to be bossy, he's going to rail against it.' The show is more manipulated than fabricated."
Strap yourselves in because the Tracey and Dean's romance looks to be one bumpy ride.
Tracey has penned three books and appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.