Love Island

Which Love Island Australia season two couples are still together?

What happened in the Villa doesn't always stay in the Villa.

By Alex Lilly
Since last year's winners called quits, after what seemed like 10 minutes of dating, we had low expectations for the relationships coming out of Love Island Australia season two.
Well, it turns out second time really does work a charm, as winners Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham are still as loved-up as ever.
But what about their fellow Villa mates?
Here's how all the final relationships are tracking now they're out of the Villa and thrown into the real world...

Anna and Josh: The golden couple

These two were what reality TV love story dreams are made of.
Josh Packham and Anna McEvoy, both 27, may not have been part of the original line-up, but won not only each other's hearts but Australia's too when they were crowned the winners.
Post show, they met one another's families and despite Josh being based in Sydney and Anna in Melbourne, they spent as much time as possible together telling Now To Love that they're "too needy" to be apart.
The couple were all over each other at the 2019 ARIA Awards. (Image: Instagram @annamcevoy21)
Unfortunately, the fairytale romance hasn't had the happily-ever-after fans were hoping for, with the couple confirming they've split.
"It is with great sadness that Josh and I are going out separate ways," Anna revealed in an Instagram post at the start of November, which was captioned with "I'm sorry."
She then added: "I know that so many of you are invested in our relationship but please know we did everything we could to make it work."
''It's extremely difficult to break up with someone who you still love but it is the right thing to do."
While Anna offered little explanation as to why they had split, Josh added in his own post: "sometimes relationships don't work out and two people grow apart."

Cartier and Matthew: All over red rover

Just a day after walking the 2019 ARIA Award red carpet, 19-year-old Cartier Surjan and 24-year-old Matt Zukowski called it quits on their relationship. But by the sound of things, it wasn't exactly a mutual decision.
Cartier's Instagram message to her followers read, "Hey guys ! I've made the decision that Matthew and I are better off staying good friends rather than in a relationship. He's a beautiful guy no doubt about it! Hope you all can respect my decision and support both of us in finding true love."
Meanwhile, Matt subtly shaded his ex writing, "Hi Guys! Moving forward I would just like to let you all know that Cartier has decided that the two of us are better off suited as friends, I respect Cartier & her decision. She is truely a beautiful girl & I wish the best for her in the future! Hope you can all support us finding true love."
Most recently, Matthew made headlines for going on a very isolation-appropriate virtual date with Netflix's Too Hot To Handle star, Chloe Veitch. The match made in reality TV heaven was the work of Fifi, Fev and Byron on their Hit FM show and was in fact, also a blind date.
Cartier broke things off with Matthew just a day after they walked the red carpet at the 2019 ARIA Awards together. (Image: Instagram @cartiersurjan)

Cynthia and Aaron: Donezo

They made it to third place but Cynthia Taylu, 23, and Aaron Shaw, 27, just couldn't make it work in the real world.
Both took to Instagram to announce their break up news with Cynthia sharing a quote by author Deborah Reber that read, "Letting go doesn't mean that you don't care about someone anymore. It's just realising that the only person you really have control over is yourself."
"Throughout my entire Love Island experience, I stayed true to myself and meant everything I said and that's all I could do. Life is weird and sometimes it's hard to make sense of things," Cynthia added in her caption.
"However, I'm extremely grateful for the love and support I've received from everyone. I've seen all your beautiful messages and comments and it truly warms my heart. As you've all probably noticed, Aaron and I are no longer together. I ask you all to please be respectful of me during this time. It's been a very draining and emotional time....but I'm looking forward to the future."
Cynthia and Aaron are officially over. (Image: Nine Network)
Aaron shared his own version of the break up on Instagram days later and apologised for the lack of posts as he decided to hang back a little bit and spend some quality time with his family.
"I would like to take the time now to address the elephant in the room which is what happened between Cynthia and I. But first, we have to understand what happens in the villa. It's a completely different world there with no contact with anyone but those u spend 24 hours with in the villa. As my fellow islanders would understand you can't really explain it without having experiencing it."
"I was fortunate enough to meet a girl like Cynthia on there which allowed me to express myself, but when it's all truly over and we all go back home you come to think about not just the present but also the future and honestly for a future perspective I truly feel like Cynthia and I are on different wavelengths. This is nothing against Cynthia as she's a beautiful soul, however the dreams and aspirations she has are completely different to mine."
WATCH BELOW: Aaron on Love Island Australia. Post continues after video...
"For the short 3 weeks I knew her, it was relaxing and amazing. However, for us to truly build into a relationship we would have to go through those barriers which I know won't align. I know some of you may not understand, but I don't want to take advantage of Cynthia's future. She deserves better than that and I've been honest from the get go of what I was doing on the island and what I was looking for. I didn't come to this conclusion myself, i asked for guidance from my fellow islanders before making any rash decisions. Hopefully I've addressed what's going on and if anyone has any questions I'm one click away."
"For all those who didn't jump to conclusions or make negative assumptions, honestly I thank you so much especially during this time. The kind words, love and support has helped me more than you can imagine. Thank you."

Jessie and Todd: Not meant to be

It's wasn't just Anna and Josh flying the flag for Love Island relationships - 23-year-old Jessie and 26-year-old Todd were a strong couple coming off the show.
Though Todd was based in Melbourne and Jessie down in Tasmania, the couple went holidaying on the Gold Coast with fellow Islander Blake a couple of weeks after leaving the Villa.
"From the moment I met Todd, I could tell that there was something there. We get along so well and our lives align so well, it's a walk in the park for us," Jessie told Now To Love shortly after she and Todd were eliminated.
While they remained together for quite some time, Jessie recently announced they failed to make things work.
"This isn't easy to write and isn't something I want to be confirming but sadly, yes the relationship between Todd and I is over," she wrote on Instagram.
"I've loved every minute spent with Todd from the moment he walked into that villa and absolutely adore him but I guess some things just aren't meant to be."
They may not have made it to the final, but Jessie and Todd made one cute couple. (Image: Instagram @jessiereneewynter)

Margarita and Blake: Over before it began

Intruders Margarita and Blake may have left the Villa together, but there's nothing romantic going on there.
While they both attended the finale, Margarita confessed to Now To Love that they'll simply "remain friends."
"We never quite got to the point where we were thinking we were going to be a solid relationship but we definitely gave it a shot. That was the point of Love Island- to give something a shot that you wouldn't normally on the outside," she said before adding, "He's a great guy but yeah, not romantically."
Just friends: Margarita and Blake will always have the memories. (Image: Nine Network)