Love Island

Sophie Monk hits back at Georgia Love over her criticism of Love Island: "We can't judge!"

Pot kettle much? Sophie Monk seems to think so.

By Bella Brennan
Love Island Australia has finally hit our screens and amid the mixed reviews, one stand-out criticism came from 2016 Bachelorette star Georgia Love.
Taking to Instagram during the premiere on Sunday night, Georgia Love labelled the dating show "abhorrent." "I am so appalled by #LoveIslandAU I'm not even going to justify a worthwhile tweet about it. Absolutely abhorrent," the reality star wrote.
However some fans were quick to remind Georgia Love that the format in which she met her now-boyfriend Lee Elliott wasn't exactly taking the moral high-ground either.
"Dating 22 guys at the same time on a tv show is not looking for love it's looking for fame and money," one person wrote.
"The actual irony of being on a TV show to find love and looking down on other people doing the same," another noted.
"Don't you think #LoveIslandAU is more of a realistic representation of dating these days than one girl throwing roses around and stringing a house full of blokes along (who I assume were equally as shallow when the cameras weren't rolling) while producers contrived 'romance'? This Bachie lot need to get off their high horse," a third said.
It's a Bach off! Sophie Monk was quick to respond to Georgia Love.
But Georgia was sticking to her guns and defended her comments, explaining: "The ignorance of thinking my experience of being in control of who I wanted to date was in any way similar to being literally picked from a lineup of girls in bikinis and high heels by men cracking sexual innuendos in the first five minutes."
And now, last year's Bachelorette star turned Love Island host Sophie Monk has weighed in on the debate.
"Adore you, but we can't judge when there weren't other women in the show. Lets wait.. Beauty within shines always ❤️ btw we both wore bikinis," Sophie wrote on Twitter to Georgia.
"I certainly am not judging the people, I'm all about 'You Do You'! Was just really disappointed by how it felt as if the girls were simply pieces of meat and up [for] the taking. Full disclosure though I only watched the first 10 minutes so don't know what happened after that! X," Georgia responded to Sophie.
Before clarifying she never stripped down to a bikini on her season of Bachie.
"And for the record, I didn't wear a bikini," Georgia insisted.
"Bathers then? All I'm saying is we can't judge. They're going through what we did but harder. Let's be kind and women just back each other," Sophie pointed out.
Whatever you think of a Bachie babe taking Love Island to town, one thing we can agree on is that trying to find The One on national TV, no matter what the show, takes a lot of guts. All power to these reality stars, may true love conquer all!