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EXCLUSIVE: Love Island's Sam admits he didn't get on with Vanessa when he first met her

''I thought she might be more of a princess sort of style.''

By Alex Lilly
On Monday night, we bid a fond farewell to our first Love Island contestant Sam Withers.
The 28 year-old international DJ was left high and dry when his original partner Cynthia Taylu chose Maurice Salib over him. And to make matters just a tad more dramatic, Sam found himself caught between Vanessa Sierra and Matt Zukowski's relationship too when some kisses landed him in hot water.
But turns out Sam, who seemed to forge a real connection with Vanessa, admits he didn't get on with her at first. Here's what he had to say about her plus what it's like to find love in a villa full of cameras.
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Now To Love: Sam! It can't be easy being the first person to leave. Did you think Cynthia would save you or were you prepared to be going home?
Sam: I was sort of on the back foot straight away just because I didn't want to interfere with Cynthia and Maurice. I always told her that if there's anything there, go for it so I totally understand her point of view and definitely no hard feelings for sure.
Did you have a moment where you wished you'd pursued a relationship with Cynthia to stay in the game longer and perhaps meet someone else?
No I didn't really want to stay there longer for the wrong reasons. We sort of gave it a go at first, it was a bit awkward for the first couple of days just because we weren't each other's types. But we did give it a go and then we just found out that friends is a better option, we got on a lot better as things changed so I think she probably made the right choice for herself. Hopefully in the long term but definitely in the short term.
Sam says there are "no hard feelings" for Cynthia for choosing Maurice over him. (Image: Nine Network)
It seems like you were pretty taken with Vanessa from the very first episode. Was she always the girl you had your eye on?
At first I actually didn't get on with Vanessa which was quite funny because I thought she might be more of a princess sort of style. It was only after the second challenge where I think we kissed twice and I had a few more chats with her so I got more of a chance to know her just because Matt was in the way. That's when I got to know her and think there's potential there. It was nothing crazy but out of all the people in the villa, that was probably the most I was leaning towards anyone at that stage. But earlier on in the first couple of days I had more run-ins and drama with Vanessa and Matt than anything!
You, Vanessa and Matt were caught up in a bit of an awkward kissing situation during a challenge. How did that really go down in the villa?
It was actually quite funny! She could have hit anyone on the board but the first arrow of the game went straight to me so I think Matt was stressing out a little bit! It was definitely a good kiss and there was something there for sure. And Matt wasn't too happy about it, that's for sure!
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She said herself she thought you were a good kisser! You two certainly seemed to have some chemistry there so do you think something could've happened there?
Yeah I think if there was more time it would've been very interesting. I know that there was definitely something there, it was more like do we pursue it. She was saying she needed a day or two to see if her and Matt gel more so she was giving me the vibe that she wanted to pursue me but wanted to make sure that her and Matt were finishing up. But she does have feelings for Matt, that's for sure.
If things didn't work out between her and Matt in the real world, would you go for it and get in contact with her?
In the outside world I'd definitely catch up with her but I guess only time will tell until she gets out.
"It was definitely a good kiss and there was something there for sure." (Image: Nine Network)
Another big bombshell of the night was Love Island's first same-sex couple as we thought a girl would be going home but it ended up being you. Were you surprised?
Yeah it sort of did the flip on me! I think it's amazing, love is love so no one should judge anyone and I'm happy for them. Unfortunately I was the one that got picked off but at the end of the day as long as they''re happy, that's the main thing. I didn't have the best luck in those first eight or nine days!
You may not have had that romantic happy ending but did you form some close friendships?
Yeah 100 per cent. I think me and Gerard are very close- he's very mature for his age [23] and we have a lot of common. And me and Adam get on like a house on fire and I know me and those two boys are going to be catching up straight away when they're in the outside world and they'll be lifelong friends for sure.
Sam says he and Gerard became close pals in the villa. (Image: Nine Network)
Being in the villa with so many cameras on you all the time, did you find it hard to form those connections and have intimate moments with people when the cameras were rolling?
At first it's a little overwhelming but you sort of forget about the cameras and microphones within the first 24 hours, you're less aware. But for my sake and experience it wasn't that I didn't want to be affectionate because of the cameras, it was more that I didn't want to go around kissing a bunch of people. Obviously outside the challenges, I just wanted that one girl and I was hoping to find that connection but unfortunately it didn't pan out but I will have some lifelong friends which I'm stoked for.
Sam reckons Adam and Cartier are the unlikely couple who could go far. (Image: Nine Network)
It's early days still but who do you reckon are the strongest couple?
I'm going to go left-field because I obviously know all of them. I think right now Adam and Cartier, as surprising as it is. The two opposites are coming together but they're going along nicely and I think potentially as every day goes on, they're very dangerous as they're gelling really well. Most people would say Eoghan and Jess but I just feel like if a hot girl comes in, Eoghan could maybe have his eyes somewhere else but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Would you ever consider going on another reality show to find love?
You know what, I am open to it. I had an absolute blast. My main goal is to find a girl that I can spend the rest of my life with so whatever I have to do to get that, I will do!
"My main goal is to find a girl that I can spend the rest of my life with so whatever I have to do to get that, I will do!" (Image: Nine Network)

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