Love Island

Love Island’s Sophie Monk admits ‘I wanted to escape!’

The star talks heartbreak, healing and island hotties.

She gave it her all last year on The Bachelorette and Australia went mad for the self-proclaimed bogan.
And for a moment, it looked like Sophie Monk had finally found the happily ever after she'd always dreamed of.
But it wasn't meant to be. Sophie and her Bachie beau, publican Stu Laundy, split in January this year.
Under intense scrutiny, Sophie took some time out, admitting she wanted to disappear.
"I wanted to take a step back. You've got to take a breather when you can," Sophie reveals to OK!.
"I get sick of reading about myself and if I'm getting sick of it, everyone else must be going, 'Jesus! Go away.' I just needed a minute. So I spent time with my family because I'm away for months now."
Sophie Monk is loving life in Spain.
Now, Sophie's appearing five nights a week on the very first season of Love Island Australia.
It's sexy, sassy and we're so addicted.
Here, the 38-year-old reveals what the past 12 months have taught her and whether she's ready to fall in love again...

You've been on a hell of a ride over the past year. What have you learnt about yourself?
I've learnt to be stronger and stand up for myself, instead of getting walked over and taken advantage of. I also learnt how important family is. I'm so lucky to have them around.
So what made you want to take on the hosting role for Love Island Australia?
I've never done anything like this before. I've hosted things, but not to this extent. It's all me.
It's exciting for me to learn more about the industry as well…I love not being involved in the drama – I just get to sit back and watch it and watch people fall in love, hopefully.
So for me, it's great to be in that position where I'm outside of it. It's an ideal job.
Did you do anything to prepare before the show started? Have you learnt any Spanish?
Oh, God, no! I dated a Frenchman for years and I still can't say 'croissant' properly! No Spanish for me, but I've just got heaps of spray tans, hair extensions – that's about it.
I used to go to the gym a lot, but not really anymore. I may have to start now, though, with [the contestants'] bodies and standing next to them. But I love hanging out with them. I'm just [grateful] to be wearing more clothes than them. I'm not walking out in a bikini. You could not pay me enough!

Have any of the Islanders taken your eye?
They're all ridiculously hot. Out of control. They're a bit young for me. I don't feel like that's my role. If I start doing that, it might confuse the show.
[But I am] living vicariously through them. It makes me feel like I want to fall in love again… Actually no, not right now!
The show has been compared to Bachelor in Paradise. Do you think they're similar?
Love Island is completely different to Bachelor in Paradise – none of these people have been on TV before. There's an innocence. They're also a bit younger. That innocent love… bloody hell, I miss that myself!
They go in and they're so invested, that's what I love about it. It gives you goosebumps. But I want to see if they're really there for the right reasons. You really get to see if they're there for love or if they're there for money. The $50,000 prize money, it's enough to tempt them. I'd love a shock twist ending. That would be epic.
Sophie admits all the contestants are 'ridiculously hot'!
It's also incredibly raunchy, right?
It's very sexy. You're going to see everything legal. Everything that's consensual. But it's very sexy, they're not hiding much. There's no holding back. It's reflective of what you see in the UK series.
You're dealing with a group of people in a bubble and it's intoxicating. They can't hold back! It's like being at school. You can try to play it cool, but it's so consuming. You can't pretend to be someone – you'll be found out, especially being in front of cameras for that long.
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