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Love Island's Shelby talks villa nighttime antics: "You don’t know what's going on under the covers"

The beauty from Toowoomba hints there might have been a bit more going on when the lights went out than everyone thought!

By NW team
After that very uncomfortable lie detector test challenge, when Shelby Mill's Love Island mate, Dom, was caught out supposedly lying about pretty much everything (his feelings for Shelby; his reasons for going in the house; this list just gets more awkward), we thought the university student would be leaving the villa solo.
But when Dom surprised his country girl with a donkey on their date, he managed to smooth things over. Take note boys, donkeys not flowers!
The pair rekindled their relationship, but only to be dumped from the show on Wednesday night.
NW caught up with the blonde beauty who revealed where she sees her relationship with Dom going, plus she hinted there could've been a little bit more going on under the covers than we thought!
Shelby left the Love Island villa with her partner Dom, but will the pair continue their relationship in the real-world?
You came into the villa later but found a connection with Dom. Are you leaving feeling happy?
Shelby: 100%. It's always hard to come in and make connections when you come in a little later. Myself and Amelia were extremely lucky in our situations and that we actually met someone. It's such a huge accomplishment and I couldn't be happier with how it all ended.
Are you annoyed you may have wasted time on Jaxon?
Shelby: I don't think I'm annoyed that I didn't match up with Dom earlier because the relationship with Jaxon was such a learning curve. It made me realise that I did want Dom. But having said that, if I was partnered up with Dom from the start then I'm not sure things would necessarily have played out in the same way.
What I learnt with Jaxon was not to put so much pressure on our relationship so when I coupled up with Dom we really just took our time and it happened much more naturally rather than trying to push something that isn't there.
It was just quite surreal at first. I caught myself trying to make a connection happen with Jaxon and it was getting upsetting but once I took a step back, it just happen naturally with Dom like it would in real life.
During the lie detector test, all of Dom's answers came back as lies. How did that make you feel?
Shelby: I was so shocked. No one ever wants to hear that their partner's answers were lies. But it was just so weird that all his answers came back as false and it threw me off a little bit because I never thought he was a good liar.
But we had a chat and I am with him 24 hours a day so I'm not gonna believe the test over what I see and know from him during the time we spend together.
It's helped to make us stronger because we hadn't really gone through any rough patches yet. It was really good to see how he acts in a way of trying to make amends.
Which couple do you want to win?
Shelby: It's hard because I am close to each of the couples in there and they all have their pros and cons. They are all really genuine couples.

Are Eden and Erin still as strong as they were at the start? They seem to be arguing a lot, especially about Millie!
Shelby: I don't think Millie was a real contributing factor in their fights. Like, I don't think Eden was into her or anything. She did play a part in their fights sometimes but I just think you are under a lot of pressure in the villa and you overthink things. I think that's why they've been having more arguments. I think it's quite scary when you realise it's all coming to an end and things are going to change and we'll see which relationship works or not.
I do think they argue so much because they are the same person. They'll be fighting for like two minutes and then next thing you know they are doing leap frogs off each other. They are hopeless [laughs].
So what's next for you and Dom?
Shelby: I think we just want to see how things go. I'm not in a position to move because I am finishing my uni degree but that does finish in October.
We'll keep in contact and see what happens. As much as I loved our amazing dates in Spain, I am looking forward to just going out as normal without any cameras.
Shelby says Eden and Erin are the same person, and blames their similar personalities for their fiery arguments.
Are you finally happy to be able to get close and personal without the cameras?
Shelby: Yeah, but when you're in the villa you do forget that the cameras are there. But I was still conscious of my actions.
Eden and Erin were definitely the worst for that in the house, but that's because they are so fond of each other and emotionally attached -- which is a positive thing.
But in saying that, you don't really know who is doing what under the covers and everyone is really respectful of that. It's wasn't too much of an issue sleeping in a large room with lots of people for me.

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