Love Island

Love Island Australia pregnancy bombshell! The contestants face a pregnancy scare in the villa

Which couple could be expecting a castaway bub?

By NW team
The vicious punch-up between Grant Crapp and Eden Dally isn't the only shocking incident Love Island producers have been keeping off TV screens.
As host Sophie Monk and the eliminated contestants continue to reveal more and more about the scandalous moments that haven't been shown on air, NW hears one couple has even endured a pregnancy scare in the villa after a particularly wild night in the hideaway suite!
A gossip from the set in Mallorca, Spain, has revealed that one of the girls asked producers to sneak a pregnancy test into their weekly Friday shopping run. Eek!
"I want to have a kid by the time I'm 30," says Grant. Have his plans arrived sooner than expected?
"The contestants get to ask for special items every week, which the producers bring into the villa for them," our mole explains.
"But eyebrows were definitely raised when they saw a pregnancy test on the list! Naturally, there was a bit of panic behind the scenes."
While the contestants in question haven't been named, it could easily be Tayla Damir, 21, and her lover Grant, 22. Especially as the lovebirds have made no secret of the fact they've been getting hot and heavy, and have been making the most of any alone time.

In fact, Grant says his dream is to have a mini-me by the time he's 30 – and he even told NW that he wouldn't mind leaving the villa with a baby on the way!
"Wouldn't that be funny, ay? We'll have to see, you never know!" he spills when we ask if he'd be keen to conceive in the tropical paradise.

But the comments could come as a bit of a shock for Tayla, who admits she isn't ready for children yet.
"I am definitely not opposed to kids at all. I would just want them once I'm completely happy and content within my life," she tells NW.
"It's not something I'd rush into… I don't want to look back and regret having kids too young."
Erin and Eden are already talking about marriage, but could a bundle of joy be in their future?
While the identity of the couple in question has yet to be confirmed, fans would be delighted to hear it might be the villa's resident power couple, prison guard Eden, 25, and trainee nurse Erin Barnett, 23.
Erin makes it clear that kids are something she definitely sees in her future, despite not being able to give birth naturally due to her "small vagina". Her words, not ours!
"I'd love to have kids but I only want girls. I want to train my girls how to f*ck boys over," she reveals to NW.
Er, OK then...
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