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Love Island's Matthew Zukowski and Survivor's Matty Wahlberg are going head to head in a wrestling match

Who's your money on?

There have been plenty of reality TV crossover couples but this one may be our new favourite.
Ok so they're not dating, but Love Island's Matthew Zukowski and Survivor's Matty Wahlberg are about to face off in the ultimate reality TV wrestling match and they're already going hard on the smack talk.

Posting on his wrestling alter ego Charlie Matthew's Instagram page, Matthew confessed he's "returning to action" against his reality TV opponent in Melbourne.
The Love Island runner-up will also have the support of his fellow Islander, Eoghan Murphy and the two have been sharing heaps of photos from the gym where they're presumably training and gearing up for the big event.
Matt and Eoghan shared the same photo at a Gold Coast gym with Matt captioning his, "Clanging and Banging with my brother brother !"
The Love Island boys are gearing up for the big fight. (Image: Instagram @mattzukowski)
But Survivor's Matty isn't sitting at home sulking by any means.
Back in November, when Matthew was still in Fiji filming Love Island, the former Survivor contender shared a photo of himself wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with a photo of Matthew crying in the Villa. Which time it was though, we're still unsure about.
"How sweet is my new t-shirt of @loveislandau notorious crybaby @mattzukowski ?#TeamMatthew #crycrycry#loveislandau," he cheekily captioned his post.
History teacher by day Matty also shared news confirming the fight shortly afterwards adding, "I've never been more excited to slap someone in my entire life. Get the tissues ready @mattzukowski 😰. (Also @eoghannmurphy , you know the date now. Come find me 🤭)"
Is that official fight merchandise? (Image: Instagram @mattywahlberg21)
Matty loved to wind up his fellow competitors on Survivor particularly when he compared eliminated contestant Hannah to a torn up ugg boot in challenges.
"Some people will hate some of the things I say and take it a little bit too seriously. You notice early on some of the other players were a bit offended but later on they all enjoyed it. It's part of the game and even Hannah put a thing on Instagram of a torn ugg boot so I think they all took it in their stride, it's a bit of fun," Matty previously told Now To Love.
Watch the trailer for 2019's season of Survivor in the player below. Post continues after video...
We suspect there will be plenty of reality stars in the crowd cheering on their respective parties, but there's one person who probably won't make an appearance.
Just a day after walking the ARIA Awards red carpet together, Matt and his former Islander Cartier Surjan announced that they had split via Instagram. And it sounds like Cartier was the one to break things off.
"Moving forward I would just like to let you all know that Cartier has decided that the two of us are better off suited as friends, I respect Cartier & her decision. She is truely a beautiful girl & I wish the best for her in the future! Hope you can all support us finding true love," he wrote.
Matt and Cartier broke up shortly after the finale. (Image: Instagram @mattzukowski)

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