Love Island

Seeing double? Check out these Love Island lookalikes

These sexy singles have some serious celeb twins!

Have you been scratching your head while looking at the Love Island contestants this year? Think they look a bit familiar?
Well we've been seeing double with these sexy singles, turns out they have some pretty famous doppelgangers!

Cassidy and Anna Heinrich

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Cassidy is a dead ringer for Tim Robards' new wife. Let's hope she has as much success as her fellow blonde...

Josh and Niall Horan

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Josh might want to consider becoming a Niall Horan tribute act. One Direction fans will be interested. Reckon he can play the guitar too?

Tayla and Kim Kardashian-West

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Cheekbones? Check. Full pout? Check. Tayla's definitely been keeping up with this Kardashian...
Both of their shows have had some pretty outrageous moments too.

Grant and Kevin Jonas

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If Kev ever refuses to do a Jonas Brothers reunion, we think Grant could easily fill in for him.
And he probably looks just as good when he's holding a puppy.

Tash and Chloe Lattanzi

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Is it just us or were Natasha and Olivia Newton-John's daughter Chloe Rose Lattanzi separated at birth?

Millie and Cheryl Tweedy

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With her long brown locks, sweet smile and love for athletes, Millie could pass as Liam Payne's baby mama Cheryl.

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