Love Island

Love Island's Justin Lacko: 'Men have taken advantage of me'

The model opens up about gay rumours and the darker side of the modelling industry.

Despite revealing that people often mistake him for being gay, model Justin Lacko tells NW that he's looking for a lady to settle down with.
But that hasn't stopped men from taking advantage of him in the past!
"I live in the modelling industry and I've been in very awkward scenarios with men before and it's really freaked me out," Justin, 27, says referencing the Me Too movement that aims to end sexual harassment and assault particularly in entertainment industries.
"[I had] people trying to take advantage of me, and I guess trying to force themselves onto me."

The model, who moved from Melbourne to New York by himself to chase a career in front of the lens, says his shocking experiences occurred when he was younger and desperate to hit the big time.
"When you're young and overseas it's, like, difficult. You try and meet people to network, because ultimately you need to get yourself out there, but at the same time you can also be taken advantage of... put aside by the wrong people," he reveals.
"There's all this stuff that's coming out [right now] with photographers and stylists – so many people who have had accusations against them for sexual abuse towards male models and it's a very serious thing."

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