Love Island

Love Island's Justin may have been eliminated, celebrate his funniest moments

He didn't find a lady to settle down with on the island, but he certainly left us with some TV gold.

Tonight Australia has said goodbye to the closest thing we've ever had to a real-life Zoolander.
Yep, that's right; it's with great sadness we reveal that Justin Lacko has been eliminated from Love Island, but not before blessing us with some solid TV gold we won't soon be forgetting.
Justin entered Love Island with every intention of finding a lady to settle down with, but it just didn't work out for the 27-year-old male model.

He's previously denied rumours that he's gay, though he did open up to NW about the darker side of the modelling world, admitting that men have taken advantage of him in the past.
"When you're young and overseas it's, like, difficult. You try and meet people to network, because ultimately you need to get yourself out there, but at the same time you can also be taken advantage of... put aside by the wrong people," he revealed.
"There's all this stuff that's coming out [right now] with photographers and stylists – so many people who have had accusations against them for sexual abuse towards male models and it's a very serious thing."
"[I had] people trying to take advantage of me, and I guess trying to force themselves onto me."
On screen, he's been nothing but genuinely himself since the start.
Let's take a look back at Justin's best moments on Love Island.

Justin and the butterfly - the love story that never was

Did the butterfly saga remind you of anything?

We can't unsee it!

Justin putting the numbers together

Justin's into line... "Who wants to talk about themselves being so good looking?" and the Sexy Wolf!

He's a kangatarian and we kind of love him for it

We're impressed by anyone who knows where their food comes from - so regardless of the kangatarian branding, we're giving him a point for this one.
Our lives will be a little less joyous without our daily dose of Justin.