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Shock Love Island claims: Fan-favourite 'Josh is a player!'

''Eliminated contestants are raging that Josh has made it this far!''

By NW team
He's been the clear fan-favourite from the get-go, but does Love Island's Josh Moss have a side to him we're yet to see?
According to an insider, Josh's true personality has been hidden and on the eve of the Love Island finale they want Australia to know the truth about the 25-year-old sports administrator.
"Eliminated contestants are raging that Josh has made it this far! They reckon his personality has been heavily edited,' claims a source close to the Love Island cast.
A source close to the Love Island cast has made some massive claims about the villa's resident Nice Guy, Josh pictured here with is Island lady Amelia.
The nation was heartbroken for Josh when Cassidy McGill gave him the flick for Dom Thomas. But according to NW's insider, Josh was never into Cass to begin and now she's been made out to look like the villain in the situation.
"He didn't even like Cassidy when they coupled up, and he made that very clear to her," the source says.
"Everyone in the villa felt so bad for her and that's why they encouraged her to crack on with Dom, but none of that was shown on television, and now she looks like the bad guy in this whole thing!"
The source adds, "She's a sweet girl and didn't deserve any of the backlash – it certainly wasn't all her fault. It looks like she could have been played!"

We're shocked! We thought Josh was Mr Nice Guy, not a player! We also thought he was in the villa for all the right reasons.
"I wanna find love! I want The One, not the next one," he previously told NW.
"I want to find my wife and I want to settle down and have 11 kids!"
Josh dancing here with Cassidy, told NW he was looking for The One, but have we all been played?
In an interview with evicted Islander Millie, she confirmed Josh is a nice guy, but hinted that he could be under the influence of others in the villa.
"I feel like Josh is a really nice and funny person, but he hangs around Eden too much," she said.
"He let the popularity game get to him and get to his head a bit. He knows Australia loves him and he started to think people wanted to be with him for fame. He's not a bad person, really."

At this stage, we have no clue, which couple will take home the $50,000! Eden and Erin are facing claims they knew each other before going in the villa, it's been alleged Grant may have had a girlfriend on the outside who he lived with prior to coming on the show, and now our poster boy Josh may not be who we think he is!
That just leaves one couple untouched by scandal...Shelby and Dom!

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