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MAFS' Jessika Power is convinced she's about to be dropped into the Love Island villa

Jess to the rescue?

By NW team
If you thought things were starting to simmer down on the Island, a major bomb is about to go off!
With ratings for the show less than stellar, former MAFS star Jessika Power has reportedly been "put on stand-by" by Channel Nine to enter the villa as an intruder, stir up drama and hopefully bring in viewers. Or at least that's what the spotlight-loving bombshell is telling people!
Chatting to NW, Jess admits she's eager to appear as she wants a showdown with Vanessa Sierra. Vanessa dated Jess' "hot brother" Rhyce, as well as her former MAFS boyfriend Dan Webb.
"I'm itching to get in so I can confront Vanessa and expose her for who she truly is," Jess says. Get this girl to Fiji, ASAP!
Is this blonde bombshell, a well, bomb? (Source: Instagram/JessikaPower)
Back in July, NW revealed that Jessika Power could be starring in the new season of Love Island.
What's more, the controversial Married At First Sight bride was also going to be bringing her former co-star and wing woman Ines Basic along to help stir things up. Yaasss!
"It's true, Jess has been poached by producers. They think she's the perfect fit for the show. She's never far from drama and has no problems partner swapping – not to mention she is ratings gold!" a show insider told NW exclusively.
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While at the time the 27-year-old was is in the throws of a hot new romance with 2017 MAFS groom Nick Furphy (which quickly ended after five minutes) Jess couldn't stop telling pals about her new TV gig.
"She's been bragging to everyone back home in Perth that she has definitely confirmed for Love Island and that she starts shooting in September," says the source.
"She also claims she's getting paid six figures."
As part of her contract with Love Island, Jess also revealed that she had negotiated that Ines, 29, must join her.
"They're a two-for-one deal these days. It doesn't feel like work when they are doing it together," the source had said.
However, one person who might not be happy to see Jess and Ines on the island is host Sophie Monk.
When asked by NW at the TV WEEK Logie Awards what she thought about celebs entering the villa, Soph said it wasn't necessary as the series already has plenty of drama.
"I've heard the rumours," she said when asked about a MAFS crossover.
"It doesn't really need it. The show's all there already."
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