Love Island

Love Island's Kory Grant spills: 'Eden and Erin won't last!'

Jealousy plus ego is a lethal combination for these two!

By OK! team
His time in the Love Island villa was cut short, but Kory Grant was definitely in there long enough to know who's #couplegoals and who's faking it.
Gather round, kids – Kory, 28, dishes to OK! on Eden Dally and Erin Barnett. And this tradie doesn't hold back!
"Erin's fake. She's got every extra part to a car you don't need," Kory tells OK!, adding that she and Eden don't have a leg to stand on when causing trouble.
The rumours that Eden, has a girlfriend on the outside were pretty shocking. How did his gal Erin, take it?
Kory: Erin's reaction was more of a 'Who the f--- is this girl? I'll stab her.' I think he and Erin both have some skeletons in their closets, which will come out over time.
Kory says Erin and Eden (pictured) are hiding some secrets.
Do you believe the prison officer is two-timing Erin?
Kory: Eden says he thinks he knows who's making the claim. That's not a good thing for him to say because it means it's semi-real. But I guess time will tell.
So you don't think the couple will last on the outside?
Kory: I don't think it'll last. They're both very jealous people and maybe fame will get to them. They build each other's egos. I just don't think she's an honest person or a very true person.
"Erin believes everything Eden says and vice versa," Kory spills.
What do you think the future holds for Tayla Damir, and Grant Crapp?
Kory: I think they'll last. He's loved-up and it's definitely real at the moment. They're in their own little world in there, but the real world starts now.
And contestants Millie Fuller, and Mark O'Dare?
Kory: They're so opposite, but it works for them. Millie will go wild on the outside and party. Whether Mark can keep up or not, that will be the test.
What's next for you?
Kory: I might see if Françoise wants to catch up. She's a pretty little thing.

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