Love Island

EXCLUSIVE: Love Island’s Elias' shock confession – ‘I’ve kissed a man!’

Things are bound to get hot and heavy with him around!

By Zara Zubeidi
There's no doubt the girls on the island will fight over self-confessed "true romantic", Elias, when he enters the villa later this week. But there's a chance the guys could fall under his spell too – with the hunk admitting to Woman's Day he once kissed another man!
While the model, 27, insists he's looking for a woman who is "driven, passionate and creative", there's no doubt he's comfortable getting up close and personal with his own sex.

Ahead of his Love Island debut, he was pictured topless amongst a number of other shirtless men at the Peninsula Hot Springs. And the group of hunks included none other than Married At First Sight star Telv Williams!
What are the chances, eh?!

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