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Love Island's Dom weighs in on Erin and Eden's secret chats: 'Their arguments are extravagant!'

''Everyone wants to watch the show back to see what Eden and Erin have been saying in private.''

By NW team
Dom, Dom, Dom! The Love Island hunk had a bit of a hard time when a lie detector analysed all of his answers as untruthful, including if is feelings for his Love Island lady Shelby were genuine. Dom answered 'yes', the lie detector said otherwise. Awkward!
The rocky couple were dumped from the Island on Wednesday night, and NW caught up with the construction project manager to find out the truth about his relationship with Shelby and if they'll stay in touch in the real-world, plus what he thinks of remaining couple Erin and Eden and their secret chats...
After the lie detector test drama, Dom made it up to Shelby with a romantic date.
So Dom, are you happy to be leaving the villa with Shelby?
Dom: Definitely. It did take a bit of time for me to adjust and to find someone I made a connection with but I'm happy with where things are at the moment.
We need to talk about that lie detector test! What happened?
Dom: I think it could have been nerves that played a roll there. All my answers were wrong so I just don't get how that happened. I said what I felt at the time. I don't know if I was being stitched up or anything but I've talked it out with Shelby and we're all good.
"The best date ever!" Shelby was won back over by Dom and his donkey, but will their love last in the real-world?
When you entered the villa, you got caught in the Cassidy web...
Dom: I had to tread carefully because I saw what happened with her and Grant and I didn't want to get anyone upset or cause too much drama. I was probably being rather over cautious but at the end of the day I was just being myself. That's how I would have played it in any situation… you can't force feelings.
How is it living in a house so full of drama?
Dom: Living together 24 hours a day means things get a bit heated sometimes, but people chat things out really quickly and get over it. Grant only left the villa because he needed to clear his head and get away from the cameras for a bit.
Dom picks controversial couple Erin and Eden as the winners of Love Island.
Alright then, tell us, which could do you want to win?
Dom: I think all couples deserve to be there but I think it might be Eden and Erin or Josh and Amelia. I will be happy for any couple either way.
What about Josh and Ameila? Do you think her feels are real?
Dom: I think she was just a bit worried about if the feelings were there at the beginning but now they are really good and they know there is nothing to worry about. Josh is the most loyal person, so she has nothing to worry about.
Other contestants have talked about Eden and Erin's secret chats and arguments. What do you think went down?
Dom: They do argue but it's like any other couple in that situation. They are living in a house together every day and it's normal to have arguments.
Sometimes their arguments seem a little bit extravagant but that's just how they are. They are very passionate people. I am definitely interested to watch back and see what they've been saying – I'm sure everyone will be!
Who will you be hitting up outside of the villa?
Dom: Josh and Eden because I am really good mates with them. Myself and Shelby haven't thought about what we'll do when we get back just yet. We'll just see how we go!

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