Love Island

The most popular Love Island Australia cast member on Instagram might surprise you

Could a contestant's large amount of followers mean they're a shoe-in to take home the $50,000?

By Bettina Tyrrell
The final of Love Island is just days away. And while allegations of secret girlfriends are flying around, it's anyone's guess who will take home the $50,000 (and if they'll split it with their Island lover)!
What is for certain is the reality TV consolation prize, a boost in Instagram followers which may result in receiving mounds of freebies and landing lucrative teeth whitening toothpaste sponsorship deals.
Taking a look at every Love Island contestant's Instagram account and determining their popularity based on current followers and post likes, we can guess who will be swapping their water bottles for sponsored protein shakes. Starting with the Islanders in need of a little love on the 'gram...
The Islander with the largest Instagram follower may shock you!

Kory Grant

Followers: 3,768
Kory isn't prolific on Instagram, he's only ever posted to his quiet account 36 times. In the days before Love Island, Kory was receiving post likes in the two-hundreds, post-Island life, he's seeing figures closer to 800. Perhaps this is just the beginning for Kory's social media game.

Mark O'Dare

Followers: 6,436
Perhaps the model from Sydney has been spending more time on his criminology and law degrees than scoring followers on Instagram - probably a good thing! The 26-year-old's social following spiked a little when he entered the villa.

Francoise Draschler

Followers: 15.6K
Of the Love Island ladies, Francoise has the smallest social following, but the best beach waves! The brunette beauty is starting to feel the love with the post below racking up her highest figures, 2,829 likes.

Amelia Marni

Followers: 19.9K
Pre-Love Island, the gorgeous 22-year-old from Sydney loves a cheeky bikini and lives a very Instagram-able life. The boost is followers she's recived from entering the reality TV show will surely score her a lucrative diet tea or teeth whitening ambassadorship.

Dom Thomas

Followers: 20.4K
He was late to the villa but construction project manager Dom is benefiting from the social fruits of reality TV. Before appearing on Love Island his posts would receive 100-200 likes, now since coupling up with Shelby his happy snaps are attracting thousands of likes.

Teddy Briggs

Followers: 23.4K
Thanks to topless selfies and poses with cute pooches, pretty boy Teddy Briggs has always had a pretty fairly social media following. He may have a few more followers, but his post likes have remained fairly consistent around the 1000-mark.

Shelby Mills

Followers: 25.4K
Country girl Shelbs has taken her Instagram game from the paddocks of Toowoomba to the beaches of Spain, collecting some followers along the way.

John James

Followers: 39.4K
This international DJ certainly has some fans! It seems he started a fresh Instagram account upon entering the Love Island villa and in just a short time, his sizzling snaps have scored some impressive figures!

Justin Lacko

Followers: 56.2K
Former Kangatarian, Justin flew all the way from New York City where he's a model, to Australian screens and was greeted by social media fans keen to catch a glimpse of that sweet smile. His most popular pics have received 13.3K likes!

Grant Crapp

Followers: 63.2K
The sparky from Canberra's Instagram account has stirred up some trouble for the Islander, when eagle-eyed fans spotted recent snaps of Grant cosying up to a brunette, who NW reported to be Grant's secret girlfriend. Perhaps because of the unfolding drama, Love Island fans have flocked to his account to give it a follow, and leave the occasional strongly-worded comment.

Edyn 'Mac' Mackney

Followers: 63.8K
One scroll of Mac's Instagram feed and you'll see exactly why users give her a follow - she looks incredible! And as she's says, she's not afraid to flaunt those curves.

Elias Chigros

Followers: 64K
Model/surfer/reality star/personal trainer, Elias' Instagram profile ticks all the boxes.

Millie Fuller

Followers: 69K
The 24-year-old is a doggy daycare worker from Sydney, so as you could probably imagine, her feed features the cutest pups. No wonder she's got a massive following!

Eden Dally

Followers: 70.5K
Like Grant, Eden's Instagram account has been searched for signs of a secret girlfriend off the Island. THe reality series, and his relationship with his Island girlfriend Erin, has certianly aided hi sprofile. Previously Eden's snaps would attract around 200 likes, now he's amassing likes up to 18K!

Josh Moss

Followers: 78.9K
With all these new followers Josh should be extra vigiliant of being cat-fished! He's been hooked once before.

Jaxon Human

Followers: 90.5K
Perhaps people are looking for Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam's Instagram account and landing on our boy Jax. The tennis coach and adult entertainer has an impressive account showcasing his dancing, tattoos and abs! We'd give it a follow.

Kim Hartnett

Followers: 90.8K
The blonde beauty has a large bikini wardrobe and an even larger social media presence. Kim has been winning a the 'gram long before her stint on Love Island.

Tayla Damir

Followers: 100K
The Perth native works as a model and recently competed in the Miss Universe Australia pageant, but even those credentials couldn't pull her the social media following she has now. Fans invested his her loved-up relationship with Grant are following every step of the way.

Cassidy McGill

Followers: 115K
She may have divided viewers, but it seems fans just can't get enough of Cassidy. A post marking her Love Island departure racked up nearly 2,000 comments! We expect this Melbourne bartender will be putting down the glasses and taking up as a full-time 'grammer.

Erin Barnett

Followers: 127K
Of the final standing Love Island contestants, Erin has the largest Instagram following (perhaps a hint as to who might win the $50,000)? The nurse from Victoria has won over the nation as she falls head-over-heels for Eden.

Natasha Cherie

Followers: 139K
Natasha is a beauty salon owner from Perth, Western Australia. She's competed in beauty pageants around the world, and loves nothing more than a bikini-clad selfie. Follow for hair inspo, if you're not already one of her almost 140,000 fans!

Charlie Taylor

Followers: 203K
Taking the emoji crown as the most popular Love Island star on Instagram is 22-year-old international rugby player Charlie!