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Love Island's Cassie Lansdell exposed by Sydney rooftop bar asking for influencer freebies


If you thought her X Factor audition was cringeworthy (watch in the player above if you haven't already), you won't believe what Love Island's Cassie has been caught doing now!
The 26-year-old reality contestant has been busted by a Sydney rooftoop bar whom she messaged asking for a free dinner and drinks as part of an influencer collaboration. And to make matters even juicier, the venue shared the screenshots in a now deleted Instagram post.
Busted! Cassie was caught out asking for a free dinner and drinks for an influencer collaboration. (Image: Instagram @cassielansdell)
In the post shared by Slims Rooftop, Cassie messaged the company on Instagram, "Hey guys, I was wondering if you ever do influencer collabs? It's my friend's birthday tonight and would love to bring him and my sister for dinner and drinks! I love your venue."
The rooftop bar also shared their savage reply of, "Hi Cassie. No we don't do influencer collabs. The staff, suppliers & banks don't accept posts instead of cash so in order to pay them we only take $."
They added, "The influencers with 2-3M followers who frequent us seem to be cool with that. Cheers!" followed by the emoji of two champagne glasses. And seeing as Cassie has a mere 88.8k followers, it wasn't exactly a subtle dig!
Cassie made a name for herself on this year's season of Love Island. (Image: Nine Network)
The post was captioned with an explanation from the bar highlighting that this isn't the first time they've been approached for freebies.
"Just in case you were wondering....we get how the influencer thing works but we are a bit sick of people asking for free s--- in return for posts. That doesn't pay the bills. We treat everyone the same regardless of their 'social' status (unless you were on Friends or The OC). See you on the rooftop!"
The post has since been deleted but screenshots live forever!
No influencer deals for you, Cassie! (Image: Instagram @slims.rooftop)
Cassie made Love Island history during her time on the show when she and fellow Islander Phoebe Thompson, 28, became the show's first same-sex couple.
Both came to the decision after neither felt a spark with the male Islanders and were encouraged to pursue things by their fellow contestants.
WATCH BELOW: Cassie and Phoebe become the show's first same-sex couple. Post continues after video...
While things didn't work out in the long-run and Cassie chose to pursue things with 25-year-old Luke Packham, Cassie went for it.
"I came in here to be myself so I guess I've just got to go with that and not be too scared about things," Cassie admitted at the time.
"I don't want to regret anything I just want to go for whatever instincts I have."

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