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Love Island 2019: How to tell twins Josh and Luke Packham apart

Because they look EXACTLY the same!

By Rebecca Sullivan
There are plenty of juicy issues to unpack on Love Island this year - the short-lived same-sex fling between Phoebe and Cassie and bad-boy Maurice's secret girlfriend - but there's one pressing question we've been scratching our heads over - how to tell the hunky twins Josh and Luke Packham apart.
The insanely ripped identical twins are almost impossible to tell apart, except for one tiny detail - Josh's right nipple.
Yup, this is totally a thing and we're about to go deep and dissect this - so settle on in for the ride.
If you look closely at these photos below, both with Josh on the left and Luke on the right, you'll notice he has a small dark birthmark just above his right nipple, visible on the left-hand-side of the photos.
Josh (left) and Luke (right) are the hot new intruders on Love Island. Channel Nine
If you look closely, you'll see a dark spot on Josh's nipple. Channel Nine
And so you don't have to, we've done all the creepy zooming and cropping for you, so you can see Josh's birthmark close up.
Keep on scrolling for all the proof that this is how you can tell the twins apart.
Josh showing off his rig on the 'gram. Instagram
See?! The birthmark sits above his right nipple. Instagram
Josh (left) and Luke (right) are almost impossible to identify... Channel Nine
Until you zoom in and see Josh's birthmark. Channel Nine
Here's a pic of Josh from his Instagram, looking insanely shredded. Instagram
And you can just see the birthmark in this zoomed-in version. Instagram
Wait for it.... Channel Nine
See! It's there! Channel Nine
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We hope you have enjoyed this thorough piece of investigative journalism, so you can now properly point out the twins during their next outburst of petty drama.
You're. Bloody. Welcome.

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