Love Island

EXCLUSIVE: Kim Harnett says the guys on Love Island "were very immature"

The single mum wasn't impressed with the selection of men in the villa.

She put a lot on the line to star on Love Island Australia, including being away from her young son Braxton, but Kim Harnett's time on the show was cut short last night.
The power was given to the Aussie public and in the end, they decided they wanted the 22-year-old out of the villa.
In this exclusive exit interview, Kim chats to us about finding the guys immature, not wanting to be fake and why she thinks Tash is playing the game.
How are you feeling about being voted out?
I'm going to miss everyone; I loved all of them in the villa. But I'm super excited to be heading home to my bub.
How did you find the experience of being on the show?
I found it so hard to be away from my son for that long with no communication. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be so I did struggle a lot. I wasn't sleeping at night so I was tired and just wasn't myself in there.
Was it disappointing to be voted out before finding love?
Elias and John both came and said there was a connection there so I was thinking something could develop with them. But I do believe I was the right person to go, I would have probably been upset if one of the other girls went instead of me.
So you weren't surprised by the public's choice?
As soon as Sophie came in and said it, I knew it was going to be me. I haven't made a connection with anyone and my main thing was that I wasn't going to fake. I refused to fake it in there which I feel a few people have done.
The 22-year-old was a firm favourite but was voted out by the Aussie public.
And with the girl drama, unless it involves me, I just stay out of it. So that means I probably wasn't shown on the show much and I guess doesn't know who I am really because I was struggling with being there and wasn't myself. I wasn't surprised it was me at all.
Is anyone playing the game?
I definitely feel like there's bit of game-playing going on. I think the main one is Tash.
She is genuinely trying to find love in there but she is playing the game to stay in there hoping someone will come in. But she's playing the game at the moment.
What were the guys missing?
All the guys that I'm with on the outside tend to be older. I have a child of my own and I've had to grow up really quickly so I was in there thinking, If I wanted to hang out with little boys I would prefer to go home with my own kid.
I didn't want to try and form a connection with a child. A few of the guys in there were very immature.
Kim can't wait to be reunited with her son Braxton.
Did you feel people were immature with the Grant, Tayla and Cassidy love triangle?
My take on it was that Cassidy got invested too quickly. But in saying that, a day in there literally feels like a week. So it does accelerate it a lot.
But I feel like Grant and Tayla did the right thing because they were true to their feelings and that is what the show is about. But they could have gone about it a better way.
Which couple do you feel could win?
I think now that Tayla and Grant are together, they could win. Erin and Eden are strong and I don't see someone coming in and changing that but I just have this feeling about them… I can't quite explain.
Has this experience made you more keen to appear on another reality show?
No, I don't think so. I wouldn't take back my experience but I feel like it just wasn't my thing.
Being so far away from home and my son, I just wouldn't do that again. I don't like to fake things or force myself to be in situations that I know I want be comfortable with.
"I think now that Tayla and Grant are together, they could win."

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