Love Island

Is Grant Crapp leaving Love Island just days before the grand finale?

He's having a very crappy week indeed.

By Bella Brennan
Grant Crapp is just days away from potentially pocketing $50,000 prize money on Thursday night's finale of Love Island.
But in an explosive new trailer for tonight's episode, which you can watch in the player above, it appears Grant reaches boiling point and sensationally quits the show.
In the trailer, Grant can be seen storming away from his girlfriend Tayla Damir.
"What makes Grant explode and quit the villa?" The voice-over asks, before it cuts back to an emotional Grant who tells Tayla, "Please, I don't want to talk to you!"
While we don't know the exact reason for Grant's dramatic breakdown and potential exit, if we had to take a wild guess, something tells us it might be to do with those pesky rumours that just won't vanish about Grant having a secret girlfriend on the outside.
On Monday, NW revealed the Canberra-based electrician had been in a long-term relationship with personal trainer Lucy Cartwright.
What makes Grant walk?
Worse still, they were apparently living together up until the time he left for the show, while the pair worked together on his fitness fashion brand Royal Apparel!
While Grant claimed to have been single for more than two years before hitting the villa, that might not be the case.
In fact, he was pictured with Lucy and her family in cosy social media posts as recently as April 8, and was still posting pictures and gushy comments about her just weeks before he headed to Spain!
NW claim Grant had been in a long-term relationship with personal trainer Lucy Cartwright.
On Sunday night when Grant and Eden were both confronted over the secret girlfriends allegations, the men both vehemently denied the claims branding it "fake news."
Meanwhile, Love Island evictee Cassidy McGill has also addressed the scandal, telling Now To Love she thinks Grant and Eden don't have other partners back home.
"I think it's not true and you take it with a grain of salt. I guess we'll find out," Cassidy told us.
"It ends on Thursday so we'll find out when they fly home," she added.
As for who she thinks will win, she tells us: "I'm team Eden and Erin!"
While co-star Justin Lacko will be putting his money elsewhere.
"I'm team Tayla and Grant," Justin told Now To Love.
Tayla's face is ALL of us when she finds out about the secret girlfriend claims.