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Love Island winners Tayla and Grant: "Why she made me wait for sex"

Direct from Mallorca, Spain, the reality TV lovebirds are making up for lost time.

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Presenting, the future Mr and Mrs Crapp!
After taking home Love Island Australia's inaugural first place, plus a cool $50k, 
the Canberra-based electrician and the former beauty queen from Perth open up to OK! about finding love in the villa, what's next and everything in between... the sheets!
It's love! Love Island cuties Tayla and Grant won the hearts of the nation.
Tell us how difficult it was to refrain from having sex in the villa?
Grant: Obviously we couldn't do anything and it's been so hard. And I respect that decision from Tayla. I love the girl so much.
You saved your parents a lot of grief, too!
Tayla: I don't think my parents would care… But it was just something I didn't want to do.
And you were OK with that, Grant?
Grant: I respect that – I was never ever going to push it. She's probably going to keep me waiting to be honest [laughs]. She's a beautiful girl, I'm so happy to call her my girlfriend.
There was a lot of talk that you did do the deed in the villa – the condom wrapper in the hideaway…
Tayla: No, we put it on hold. Everyone was pretty convinced – I know!
There must have been fireworks behind closed doors your first night out?!
Tayla: We only had two hours of sleep, so we looked at each other and said, 'We need every two hours of sleep we can get [laughs].' We were like, 'OK, no. This has to wait.'
"We only had two hours of sleep!" The loved-up couple dish on their first night together outside of the villa.
There's been a lot of talk about Eden and Erin's relationship being 'toxic' in regards to how they speak to each other. If either of you had chosen them from the start, how would your family have reacted?
Tayla: I think my parents would've been disgusted in me and said, 'Have you not learnt your lesson from the past?' I don't think that ever would've happened anyway.
We never would have coupled up, so that's fine.
Have you both spoken to Eden and Erin since the announcement?
Tayla: No, it's been a whirlwind since it happened.
The young couple have big plans to move to Sydney together.
You guys are #relationshipgoals, but do you ever worry about breaking up, now you're in the real world?
Tayla: Yeah, I mean it's going to be different to the villa. But if we can get through all of the challenges we faced in the villa – which was a lot – then I'm sure we'll be fine when we get out of here and go back to the real world.
Grant: I believe that she could probably do better than me and I'm very, very grateful to be with Tayla. I fell in love with her.
Grant! Don't be so hard on yourself.
Grant: She really changed me as a person. 
I did go through this place, especially at the start, in the wrong way. Tayla turned things around. And that connection that we had, it was something that I'm never ever going to forget. And hopefully I won't ever have to, because we're going to be together forever.
I just love her so much. And everything I did in there was done with Tayla.
Tayla and Grant say they argue over baby names already!
Everything went smoothly meeting the parents via video link. Grant, are you scared to meet Tayla's dad face-to-face?
Grant: Not really. Mick seems like a good bloke. And he comes from a tradie background… I usually get along with most tradies. I had a little bit of a chat with him, but he's a bit shy about appearing on television and everything. He's the same as my old man, like appearing on television is a big thing. But I'm looking forward to catching up with him.
And one day you'll have to ask him for permission to marry his only daughter!
Grant: You know, she's a very special girl to me. I've never had this feeling before – this massive spark. Hopefully some time in the near future, I'm not thinking about it just yet.
We were just having a yarn the other day about how many kids we wanted [laughs]. 
I would like to have two or three and I think she's the same. I want two boys and a girl. But I'll chat to Tayla about that in the future, we don't have to worry about that right now.
Give us some of your babies' names!
Tayla: We did actually go through a couple, but it just turned into an argument, really. As it would for anyone trying to pick out baby names [laughs], so I think we'll save that for when the time's right.
WATCH: Tayla and Grant's journey to love! Too cute!
Grant, you better start saving for a ring.
Tayla: I would love a square-cut ring and then diamonds around the outside. I have a ring in mind [laughs] – every girl, I think, has a dream ring.
I don't really care about the price or the carat or whatever. As long as it's the style that I like and it's sentimental to me, that's all that really matters.
You're a girl who knows what she wants – and Grant wants a wedding, too, by the sound of things…
Tayla: We're still very young! But obviously if Grant and I are still in love in a couple of years then yeah, it's definitely on the cards. I'm only 21 and Grant's 22 so we're still just babies.
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