Love Island

EXCLUSIVE: Grant Crapp and Lucy Cartwright strip for steamy bedroom photoshoot

Look away now, Tayla! Grant and his new-old girlfriend Lucy set the record straight in their most revealing interview yet.

By OK! team
The soap opera that is Grant Crapp's love life continues.
We first met the tradie from Canberra when he entered the Love Island villa and fell head over heels in love with Tayla Damir. Together the couple won the reality dating show, only to announce their shock break-up 12 days later.
Then in another mind-blowing twist, just days after Grant, 22, was begging for another chance with beauty queen Tayla, 21 – the woman he told OK! he dreamed of marrying – he hopped into bed with Lucy Cartwright, the person he denied… then admitted… then denied again was his girlfriend. Please explain!
Here, Grant and Lucy invite OK! into their bedroom to set the record straight…
Woah! Grant and Lucy showed some serious chemistry at their shoot with OK!.
The one question of everybody's lips, are they, or aren't they together? It seems both Lucy and Grant are unsure.
"I guess it's unusual that we were so close, but not in a relationship," says Lucy of her, ummm...fling? friendship? relationship? with Grant before he left for Love Island.
Friends with benefits? Grant and Lucy are yet to define their relationship.
The couple rekindled their 'friendship' just one week after Grant and Tayla's very public split, and just one week after Grant declared he was still in love with his reality TV star ex.
Grant says he reached out to Lucy to see how she was coping, and things went from there.
"I thought we were going to last," says Grant of his relationship with Tayla.
"And then we got out and it all exploded and that's when I had doubts. I tried my hardest to rekindle things, but in her eyes she didn't want it to happen."
Grant, now with his arms around Lucy, says he thought his relationship with his ex Tayla was going to last.
So would Grant reunite with the woman he claimed he loved just two weeks ago?
"Nah, not right now," he tells OK!.
"I value Lucy. Lucy has been through a lot and Tayla has come about a few things in a way I didn't really like."
So what about Lucy, the woman who was waiting in wings while Grant fell in love on national TV -- can she really trust, Grant?
"He's never lied to me and never given me a reason not to trust him," she says.
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