Love Island

OPINION: Why Erin Barnett and Eden Dally shouldn't win Love Island

The hot-headed couple have Love Island fans divided.

By Bella Brennan
Love them or hate them, Erin Barnett and Eden Dally have become the most talked about couple from this year's series of Love Island Australia.
Their whirlwind romance has underpinned the entire season of Love Island and let's face it, the show would be pretty dull without Erin's sassy commentary and constant s--t stirring.
But scratch the surface of their Pumpkin Pie love and you'll find a very disturbing dynamic that should not be rewarded with a $50K cash prize and all the added trimmings, profile and privilege that comes with winning a reality TV show.
Just last week, Sportsbet had them in the top spot to win with Erin at $1.33 and Eden raking in $1.70 odds.
"Punters can't get enough of Eden, he's by far the best backed with close to 65% of total wagers and is in prime position to be the top dog,"'s Will Byrne told us at the time.
"Erin makes up the other half of the power couple with Eden and so is the obvious leader in the betting for top female and has taken seven times more money than closest rival Amelia," he added.
But after a week of vile blow-ups between the pair, their popularity has taken a battering.
The most recent stats reveal punters have Grant and Tayla to win at $1.60, while Erin and Eden have plummeted to second last at $6.00.
As we count down to the finale, we look back at Erin and Eden's most explosive romance...
The ones to watch: Erin and Eden have been firm favourites since the start.

Not a day goes by where they don't fight

We've all know that kind of couple.
They're the kind of people who have no issue going into battle for World World 3 in front of their long-suffering mates.
And in the Love Island villa, Erin and Eden literally can't go a day without a screaming match as their mortified co-stars watch on.
Of course, they always kiss and make up after Eden shoots Erin a knowing look and she begrudgingly bursts into a fit of giggles but their toxic tiffs are a far cry from a couple in the early stages of a blossoming romance.
If it's this dramatic and fraught just a few weeks into their relationship, what the hell will it be like when they're in the real world?
WATCH: Eden and Erin argue. Post continues...

They've both threatened physical violence

Sure, no relationship is perfect but when you've just started dating someone you shouldn't be threatening to physically hurt them.
Not now, or ever.
After prison guard Eden was forced to admit he found co-star and Erin's arch enemy Millie Fuller attractive during a lie detector test, the petite nurse yelled: "I'm actually going to get a knife and stab him."
Drama in Paradise: Eden grabs Grant by the neck.
Eden's track record is just as bad.
Who could forget he clicked into full grub mode and attacked Grant Crapp after a particularly controversial elimination.
Like a man possessed, Eden threw down his drink while shouting profanities before charging towards Grant.
Thankfully their scuffle was broken up before anyone was seriously hurt.
WATCH: Eden and Grant's heated confrontation. Post continues below...

Erin has MAJOR trust issues and won't let Eden inhale oxygen next to another female

There's nothing more heartbreaking than a partner that who doesn't let their other half have friendships with the opposite sex.
And Erin clearly has major trust issues because if Eden dares even rub shoulders with another female in the house, it triggers something uncontrollable in her and she morphs into a swear-y, shout-y hot mess who won't relent until her boyfriend promises to never stand next to another woman again.
WATCH: The moment Erin refuses to shake Kory's hand. Post continues...
In a worrying sign of Erin's maturity levels, she refused to even shake intruder Kory's hand when he entered the villa because she's off the market.
"We get it, Eden's your man. No one's trying to hit on you, you're not that good," Kory sniped in disbelief over Erin's behaviour.
According to booted out Love Island star Teddy Briggs, Eden is no better.
"When Erin and I had our date, we got along like a house on fire, we were joking, we were laughing, Erin actually said what a great guy I was, and how we need more guys like me in the villa. But pretty much after that Eden told Erin that she wasn't allowed to talk to me, look at me, she wasn't allowed to be near me," Teddy told Popsugar.
He claims Erin approached him and said: "Teddy, I'm sorry I'm not allowed to talk to you."
"I actually think that Erin and I do get along really well, it's just that Eden is quite possessive, and he didn't want her talking to me, so she didn't for most of the time," Teddy revealed.
Erin won't let Eden socialise with any other women in the villa, and Eden is apparently no better.

Those secret girlfriend allegations that just won't go away

To be fair, you can hardly blame Erin's paranoia and trust issues after allegations Eden has a secret girlfriend back home recently came to light.
Last week, a Love Island Facebook fan account posted a picture of Eden with his arm around an Erin look-a-like as he plants a kiss on her cheek.
The post claims the picture was shared to Eden's personal Instagram Story in March, prior to when filming of the dating show began.
Upon seeing this image surface online, Alashana Stead phoned into the Kyle and Jackie O Show claiming to be the best friend of Eden's rumoured partner, Stephanie Lea.
"Eden didn't actually tell Stephanie he was going on Love Island until the Wednesday before filming. He left for the Island on the Friday," Stead claimed.
Stead told the radio show that Stephanie became suspicious of Eden after he told her "he was going on a trip to America with the boys".
Stephanie soon realised her gut-feeling was correct after Eden confessed he was going on the dating show.
Stephanie allegedly told Eden: "You know what? It's a good opportunity for you, so if you want to do that, then you do that."
"She didn't leave it on bad terms," Stead said.
Eden has since slammed the allegations.

They're not the best eggs

Dominating. Show ponies. Bullies.
Call it what you like, but Erin and Eden are often at the centre of all the drama in the villa.
Eden's behaviour came to boiling point last week when Teddy broke down after being picked on by ringleader Eden.
"I was bullied in school then and it took a lot for me to get over [it] and to gain the confidence to thrive in life," Teddy confessed.
"I feel like when I came in the villa I was at that level. I had the great confidence that had taken a few years to build up, and now I feel like I'm in high school again getting bullied by the same meathead dudes."
"I've caught myself feeling… for the last day or so… like, I'm not going to quit—young Teddy in high school never quit," he asserted as he fought back tears.
When Teddy confronted Eden about having a "vendetta" against him, Eden insisted he wasn't a bully.
"I don't like bullying at all. I feel it's a weak thing to do. I hate people to do it. I've never wanted somebody to feel singled out, if that's how you did feel I apologise for that. That's not how I wanted you to feel," Eden told Teddy.
So Australia, are you going to let these two be crowned the King and Queen of Love Island? The choice is in your hands.