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EXCLUSIVE: Love Island's Eoghan says he didn't break the Bro Code with Matthew over Jordan

''Obviously, if I did break the bro code he wouldn’t have been hugging me crying and I wouldn’t have put my hand up to leave for him!''

By Alex Lilly
In a twist we didn't see coming, on Monday night we saw Eoghan Murphy voluntarily leave the Love Island Villa to let his pal Matt Zukowski stay on and potentially find the love of his life.
From his rocky relationship with Jessie through to his very handsy kisses with the Bomb Squad, the Irish hunk certainly made an impression on the ladies but 100 per cent denies that he broke the Bro Code with Matt when he pursued things with Jordan and confesses he has "absolutely no regrets" about his time on the show.
Here's what he had to say when Now To Love caught up with him.
Now To Love: Well we didn't see that coming Eoghan, what made you decide to walk from the Villa?
Eoghan: It was down to me and Matty and as you all know he's my best mate in there. I just felt I'd had a good crack, I had the opportunity to get to know a lot of girls and I just feel like he hasn't and him going would have been a bit premature. I just felt like he'd get more out of being in there now than I would so there was no way I was letting him go home.
So you didn't see things progressing with Jordan or Isabelle?
That was the hard part because obviously me and Jordan had formed a connection and I wanted to see that grow. There's only a couple of weeks left with the show and if she gets out and nothing happens with anyone in there then yeah of course I'd love to continue on with that and see where that goes but I just felt that Matty needed to be in there. I can't really explain it, I just really had to let him go. I felt like I'd had enough opportunities and he'd had them taken away from him.
I feel like Matty's older brother, let's put it that way. He wears his heart on his sleeve the big fella and that can get him hurt sometimes. I know Adam's in there and he's got his back now. I know he went in there to find someone and hopefully he can find it with one of the girls.
"I just felt like he'd get more out of being in there now than I would so there was no way I was letting him go home." (Image: Channel Nine)
There were a lot of tears from Matt and he said he came on the show to find love and he did with you. That's pretty cute!
That's the crazy thing, I'm not leaving empty-handed. I feel content with my time in there and I feel I've grown as a person. I said all along I've got enough mates, I don't need any more and I've gone in and found him and Adam!
Have you seen how you've been portrayed on the show?
No but I've been hearing some rumours. I've not had access to any of that stuff yet so I'm not too sure but at the end of the day I followed my heart in there. I never made decisions based on what people would think of me, I thought of what would be right for me. I went in there to find love and unfortunately I didn't but that's just the way it is.
Eoghan says he's not leaving empty-handed and has found friends in Matt and Adam. (Image: Channel Nine)
Do you think you broke the Bro Code by stealing Jordan away from Matt?
Not at all! I'm not sure what you guys have seen but me and Matty knew what was going on from the start. Basically what happened when Isabelle and Jordan walked in, I had an instant physical attraction to Isabelle and Jordan but it was stronger with Isabelle at the time and Matty was stronger with Jordan so we both agreed that he'd spend time with Jordan and I'd spend time with Isabelle.
I had couple of conversations with Isabelle and it didn't really go anywhere and Matty had a two-day head start on me with Jordan. She was open and honest with us as well saying she was keen on both of us and it came down to her decision. Obviously, if I did break the bro code he wouldn't have been hugging me crying and I wouldn't have put my hand up to leave for him so we're all good.
"Obviously, if I did break the bro code he wouldn't have been hugging me crying and I wouldn't have put my hand up to leave for him so we're all good." (Image: Channel Nine)
You were originally coupled up with Jessie, what do you make of her and Gerard as a couple?
I'm a bit gutted that I couldn't make things work with Jessie but I said all along, even when we did that perfect match game a while back that Gerard would be her perfect match. I said it since day dot and now it's come to fruition so hopefully they can make it work.
He's in Perth and she's in Tasmania so that might make it difficult, especially when they've only got a couple of weeks left so all the best to them. I know they're both in there for the right reasons so I'm sure they'll be able to work it out.
Jessie was originally coupled up with Eoghan but has since moved on with Gerard. (Images: Channel Nine)
Quite a few of the eliminated Islanders say they're going to take a break from dating after the show. What are your plans regarding your love life post Love Island?
We'll see what happens with Jordan. I just had to say to her last night, you're in here for a reason, someone might walk through the door tomorrow that absolutely blows you away so you've got to give it a good crack but if you get out of here and you don't have someone, we'll see what we can do. I've obviously come into this a bit different to everyone else, I've not dated at all so I think it's time for me to get into it.
Was Love Island a rebound thing for you?
No, I was ready to find someone coming into Love Island but it just finished that puzzle that I was trying to put together of myself post-break up, let's put it that way.
Eoghan says that Love Island "finished that puzzle" that he was trying to put together of himself post-break up. (Image: Channel Nine)
You obviously have a lot of love for Matty and Adam but is there anyone there who you don't think is there for love?
I don't know. The thing with Love Island is you turn into the biggest sceptic when you're in there and everyone that comes through the door you question. Someone who really impressed me was Josh and how he handled the Bomb Squad situation and stayed loyal to Anna.
To be honest I didn't spend too much time with the other boys, I spent a lot with just Adam and Matt but all the OGs are in there for the right reasons, I can't speak on behalf of any of the new people coming in because I didn't get to spend time with them to get to know them. But if they're in there for the wrong reasons they'll be sniffed out real quick! Everyone smashes them with questions as soon as they walk through the door.
A triple bromance! Eoghan, Matt and Adam were tight in the Villa. (Image: Channel Nine)
Did you struggle being cut off from the outside world and stuck in the Villa with all these big personalities?
The girls were fine, I could've spent all day every day with the girls. I love them all to bits and was so upset when they were gone, it's just the boys.
Me, Matty and Ads had a bit of a bromance going on and we'd spend all day every day together but the other boys had different personalities. Were we best mates? Probably not but we all got along. I probably do things that would rub people the wrong way and vice versa so it really tests your patience in there and makes you stronger. There are a few moments where you almost lose the plot but we get through them.
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Do you have any regrets from your time in the Villa?
I feel content. I've got absolutely no regrets whatsoever because as I said, I followed my heart the whole way through and regardless of how I'm being portrayed or what people think, I know who I am. If I was anything other than myself then why does every single girl spend time with me and talk to me and have a friendship with me in there? I'm really close with all of them.
I'm kind of proud of what I've done in there. I went in with a certain set of values and core beliefs and obviously they were tested from time to time but I think I held strong.
"I went in with a certain set of values and core beliefs and obviously they were tested from time to time but I think I held strong." (Image: Channel Nine)
So now you're out, who's your money on to win?
Yeah obviously Adsy and Carty! I had a little tear the other night, it was probably two days into the Bomb Squad coming and I hadn't spoken to any of the girls, there were no connections there and I was looking at Adam and Cartier thinking 'Why can't I have that?'
I know they're complete opposites but he's a pure gentleman and Carty's family should be proud of how she's conducted herself in there, they're a good match for each other. The devil and the angel- she dodged a bullet with me!
Eoghan is Team Adam and Cartier all the way! (Image: Channel Nine)

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