Love Island

EXCLUSIVE: Love Island runners-up Eden and Erin talk marriage, babies and pregnancy tests (?!)

Plus, Eden gets REAL about those secret girlfriend rumours, while Erin explains what their dream family life looks like!

By Ellie McDonald
Your votes has been counted and the winning couple of Love Island have been revealed… Congratulations Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp! But if this pair won, what about runners-up Eden Dally and Erin Barnett?
Well, opening up in our exclusive interview, Eden and Erin seem like they couldn't care less about losing their cash prize because it's all about setting up a long-term life together. But just because they're on a mission to find their Happyily Ever After together doesn't mean we didn't ask them every single burning, juicy question about their time on Love Island that you could ever think of...
Here, we quiz the Love Island runners-up about what it's like to have sex on national television (!!!), whether or not they had secret partners while on the show, and find out once and for all if their whirlwind, reality-TV romance is actually as real as they say it is...
Coming in second, Eden and Erin.

How did it feel losing to Grant and Tayla?

ERIN: "It doesn't feel bad or anything; I'm happy that we came second and I'm happy for Tayla and Grant because they did have a rocky start. Now look how they finished! It's like a fairytale for them."

Would you have split the money?

ERIN: "Well, of course [laughs]."
EDEN: "I definitely would've split the money!"
ERIN: "Could you imagine if Eden tried to keep it?!"
Eden and Erin would have followed in Grant and Tayla's footsteps.

Did they know each other BEFORE the villa?

ERIN: "That is definitely not true."
EDEN: "We'll take that as a compliment because that's how good we are together and how much we just clicked. It looks like we've known each other for years. I'm happy for people to say that they think we knew each other before the villa."

Was it love at first sight?

ERIN: "Definitely love at first sight. I don't know if you saw the first episode, but when he walked through the door, I was like, 'Mine, mine, love him, mine!'."
EDEN: "The only thing I wanted from Love Island was to find love. I had no expectations before going on the show, but when I walked in and saw Erin, I knew I'd found the love of my life. I didn't care when we were going to go; it was up to the Australian public to kick us out but they kept us in to the end. It was definitely not a game; we're truly in love and it wasn't hard to see."

Did Eden actually know Millie before the show?

EDEN: "We didn't really know each other; I just knew one of her friends and she was just basically an acquaintance. I'd never really spoken to her - I'd just seen her out once and that was it. I didn't know her from a bar of soap before Love Island, and that's it. It's such a small world, isn't it? You go to Spain and you can't escape anyone!"
Some days they're all smiles, other days they're hurling swear words at each other. But these two say they're the real deal.
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Did Eden have a secret girlfriend before the show?

EDEN: "No. I will clear that up right now… That girl, when the story came out, she's a really nice girl… We weren't dating - she was just someone I was seeing before I came on the show. She could even vouch for that. We definitely weren't in any relationship. I wouldn't have come on Love Island if I was."

How did Erin react to those secret girlfriend rumours?

ERIN: "I actually laughed them off. You know what, it doesn't surprise me - have you seen Eden?! Everyone wants to be with Eden!"

What did Erin mean when she said she would “stab” Eden after he said another woman was attractive?

ERIN: "I'm so dramatic and over the top, and I was just like, 'How dare you find another person attractive in this world apart from me?!' [Laughs] I show my crazy side in front of everyone… Every single girl has this side. EVERY girl has this side!"

Was there a Love Island pregnancy during their time in Spain?

EDEN: "It's no secret that me and Erin had sex on the show on Love Island, but we always practised safe sex - there was definitely NO pregnancy."
ERIN: "I don't know if you know but production are very strict; we couldn't even get a f—ing pregnancy test if we wanted!"
EDEN: "You couldn't leave!"
ERIN: "No Love Island babies, thank you!"
Even if they thought they were pregnant, Erin says that they wouldn't have been able to find out while on Love Island.

Who will be the Love Island couple who gets married and has kids first?

ERIN: "Probably Eden and I. We have been the couple that's been talking about having kids and getting married. We already know we both want two kids. We both want twins - I would love two girls, Eden would want a boy and a girl."
"And we've already talked about marriage and rings, and all that. We've already got baby names and stuff like that picked out - it's all really exciting!"
EDEN: "Look, we're talking about two years… If you saw how I asked her out, you wait until you see the proposal!"

Which couples will actually stay together now Love Island is over?

ERIN: "Well, definitely US. It's really hard to judge… Like, obviously Tayla and Grant. Probably Amelia and Josh. Even Shelby and Dom…"
Do you think Eden and Erin are the real deal?

Does Eden think he’s a “bully" like everyone says he is?

EDEN: "Teddy sat me down and brought it to my attention. I've got three little nieces, and if they were at school and someone bullied them, I'd be mortified. I'm definitely not like that. I've got some friends who have had depression - as have I - and being bullied can bring that on, and I don't condone that. That's definitely not me. If I did come across that way, I do apologise."

What did Millie do to rub Erin up the wrong way?

ERIN: "It was just one of those things where our personalities are so big and so different that we were either going to love each other or hate each other. We had a mutual respect where we both knew where we stood with each other on Love Island and that was probably the best thing ever. And in Love Island, you learn to get over things in 24 hours."

Was Josh’s personality heavily edited? What’s he REALLY like?

ERIN: "Oh my God, yes! He is such a genuine guy. I don't even know how to put it in words… He's so lovely to everyone. Even if something bad has happened and they've done him wrong, he will respect the person and speak so highly of everyone."
EDEN: "I just want to say that Josh is one of the best guys I've ever met. He speaks so well, he did poetry, he did the 'Mr Roboto'… he knows how to dance… He is the most genuine guy you'll ever meet."
Remember when Eden grabbed Grant by the neck and almost got into a full-blown brawl?!

When will Erin and Eden meet each other’s parents? And will they move in together?

EDEN: "What's going to happen is that when we get back to Sydney and Melbourne, Erin is going to spend some time with her friends and family, as am I. Then she's going to come and meet my family (we had our Skype interviews yesterday and my family absolutely adore her) and after that I'm going to meet her family. I've got to perfect my handshake before meeting her father…"
ERIN: "Then we're going to move in with each other just after August."
EDEN: "She'll be coming to Sydney to move in with me. It's the place to be!"
They're hot then they're cold...

What do Eden and Erin want to do most as a couple now they’re off the show?

ERIN: "It's just the small things, like going to the pub and having a meal, or going to the movies, or just walking down the street with no microphones…"
"When we first came off the show, we just went back to the hotel and celebrated and spent some time alone with no cameras. Being alone with no cameras and no-one there was so beautiful. It was actually good to have a shower and have no-one walking in on you… Privacy is amazing!"

Will they do their own spin-off show?

ERIN: "Oh my God, I think it would be incredible because throughout the whole show we've been so crazy and so genuine and honest, and I feel like people will want to know what's next."
EDEN: "I think it could be a very entertaining one, that's for sure!"
ERIN: "It would be so good to watch us as parents - it's going to be great."